The Thing That Should Not Be TL 07/28/16

Thornstromb 9

Note: I do not currently own any physical netrunner cards, and I probably won't due to poor location and funds. However I enjoy deckbuilding, and have recently discovered Netrunner via Tabletop Simulator, so expect more things from me in the future.

A rebuild of the deck posted by omegalife2002, this one tweaked for (current) tournament legality. Most of the points made in omega's description are the same for this deck, so ill only cover the changes:


1x Snare! : To be replaced with other ambushes.

1x Caprice Nisei : Because 3 copies of a non-Howard unique in a deck that already contains 3 Howards is excessive redundancy.

2x SanSan City Grid : As the least effective influence card, it was the go-to to reach tournament legal. The only other options were Howard (hell no) and NAPD Contract, which I felt was too high a price.


1x Shock! : This puppy is a cheaper Snare, but being able to work in the Archives means it will make "grind" decks that hit the archives for free successful runs think twice. This makes it pair really well with the next one...

1x Shi.Kyu : Oh dear. This mean card pairs well with any Harmony Medtech deck, and this one is no exception. Even with MHC's on the table, its not difficult to get the runner to choose to take SK rather than lose most, or even just a few of his hand, thanks to how nervous they will be trying to slow down your bullet-train of a deck. Plus, it works in the Archives, and even if trashed out of the R&D, Howard makes it easy to bring back. Feel free to install it at the same time as one of your 3/2 agendas and watch the runner debate on whether to roll the dice.

1x Cerebral Static : There are a very small number of Runners this is worthless on. At the time of it's reviews, only three. While it's power varies wildly, it offers another slow to bog down the runner while you score, which is what this deck DOES. Even when it's useless against a runner, it can still overwrite a Current Event, which aren't exactly uncommon.

1x Sweeps Week : Included to boost the credit-power of the deck, as well as help counter a nasty Account Drain/Vamp, and to fill in some missing Influence sockets.

All in all, one mean machine.

I am open to suggestions in regards to Ice loadout. This one is unchanged from the original, so it might need some updating.

Major Rebuild!

Deciding to reverse my former statement about NAPD in light of Georgia!

-1 NAPD Contract : Inf Check

-1 Sweeps Week : Inf Check

-1 Grim : Least useful Ice in the deck due to easy breakage and negative side.

-1 Shock! : Georgia replaces this.

+1 SanSan City Grid : It's back!

+1 Chetana : Like the next card, merely a solid punisher... at first.

+1 Nisei MK II : An old classic, this guy is merely great on his own...

+1 Georgia Emelyov : The star of this rebuild. She and Caprice must have some kind of lesbo thing going on, because together they are unstoppable. NO-ONE wants to give Caprice a go with that net damage on top! The real gem is the stealth flatlines: get Komainu or Chetana in place, watch the panicked runner facecheck into them, then move Georgia over and hit them with Nisei for an instant KO.

29 Jul 2016 RubbishyUsername

You have an unspent influence. How about swapping out a Wall of Static for a Wraparound to keep you floating against turn 1 Faust?

29 Jul 2016 Thornstromb

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