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AwildKenKen 15

Deck went 1-2 out our local store champ.

I really like Anarch. However, this deck is really good at trashing the corps stuff but that doesn't directly translate to accesses. Two of the decks I played had multiple spin doctors and preemptive actions to shuffle in the stuff I would mill out. It was very enjoyable though to Wanton destruction for a turn.

Round 1: playing against a Azmari, I did not watch my credits as well as I should have and was doing ok on 4 tags trashing everything in HQ. However, I couldn't get the tempo back or steal Bellonas so HPT got me.

Round 2: played against a Palana grinder deck, This thing was a grind for sure. Super fun game though, got to 5 points with no cards left in hand or deck. Obo in the Data loop server, I ran R&D with a 7 card access w/ turning wheel. hoping to not hit a snare. successfully got an agenda and won! such a thrilling game, this is why I play netrunner for sure.

Round 3: played against another Palana grinder. Our local meta really enjoys jinteki! I was not able to put on enough pressure to stop a 7 point score. good game though!

Thanks to MBG for hosting a great store championship!

19 Nov 2021 Jamie58

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