Can't touch this (7p Eternal)

Mad Tinkerer 65

The basic idea is that you have no "normal" ice so the runner needs a good ai to break into your servers.

With Mother Goddess, Loki, Konjin and Excalibur you can "protect" your 3 centrals and 1 remote server. The other ice are traps. Also don't worry about having so many unique ice, since you can still install them and then trash for you ID ability.

Many of your ice will destroy themself (basically all traps) so you got 3x Preemptive Action and Jackson Howard.

11 May 2022 DonLoverGate

My my my

11 May 2022 Davidmc7

That's rude. Love it.

11 May 2022 m.p

Why 3 excaliburs and mothers but only 1 konjin+what´s the rime for? Anyways, this deck seems hilarious, sad that it´s in eternal

11 May 2022 Mad Tinkerer

@m.p You got 3 copys because you want to draw the first one quickly to set up your defence but Konjin is not great early on. And Rime helps a little bit against AI (Loki+Mother Goddess) have rather low strengh.

12 May 2022 gilesdavis

Love it.

Is Underway high value enough? Seems there are plenty of stronger cards for that slot?

12 May 2022 Mad Tinkerer

@gilesdavis I just put Underway Grid into the deck to follow along the unpassable ice theme, I also think it's not very usefull, especially since it's a Region so you can have it with Jinja City Grid.

13 May 2022 AxWill

Nice idea. I started to wonder if adding 1-2 Border Controls would be useful?

I do agree -2 Underway Grid is likely the way to go. But even without AI, there are many ways to solve the ice in eternal. And with apoc, you might only need to do it once. But they are mostly single-use so having ETR-on-demand could prove useful. Nisei needs to be scored and ID works only once per turn so sometimes more is more. Maybe.

Ofc it needs to be trashed immediately on Rez-window to protect Mother Goddess, but could give some further insurance for the deck.