Start Up GameNET with VladiGrid

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I played this deck for our Berlin StartUp event, which required us to play 3 of a MSBP card. As I already played lots of Weyland in Start Up I wanted to try out NBN some more.

Vladisibirsk City Grid can fast advance 4/2 agendas, so let's play Remastered Edition. With the counters we fast advance even more.


I went 2-1 on the day with this deck. The influence could be shifted around probably and when goinf for 4/2s, maybe sandbox is better. I just felt like I already had enough money

19 May 2022 bowlsley

Neat! :)

20 May 2022 Ozvaldo

how do u get around Clot?

21 May 2022 render787

Did you consider adding Afshar?

Or Rime?

22 May 2022 Oddball

Thanks for posting your deck @114141! I've had a lot of fun messing around with it.

Rime feels really good in Pop-up Window's slot. You lose out on the bonus credit early, but increasing the strength of your other ice, forces them to pay anyway. Since it's Mythic you keep making the same amount as Pop-up later once they have a code gate breaker.

With the two spare influence you can fit in one Afshar too!