Icebreaker Breaker

superstar22 26

The idea with this deck is to target one Icebreaker, which one this is depends on how you think the runner is setting himself up. Score the house of Knives and fire once a turn to get the best out of your ability. Get a blacklist out to buy yourself time to score a chronos and remove all the breakers they were hoping to get back with their clone chips. Once this is done you can score out of a nice cheap server of which they have no breaker to use. Just in case, put a will-o'-the-wisp in to remove that sneaky trick they had in hand. Don't be worried to lose some one pointers here and there because you can keep them guessing with all your traps. If they have stole loads of your small agendas, hopefully they have fallen on some shi'kyus and at this point this is where you try to score your philotic for a cheaky kill.