Mad Tinkerer 65

So um ... you got Baba Yaga that's the deck. Fully equiped it can boost it's strengh by 4 for 1 (Unity), break Sentries for free (Odore), Barriers 2 Subs for 1 and Code-Gate 1 Sub for 1.

To be able to do more things early you got Run Amok and Deuces Wild will help a lot too (exposing ice). Don't be afraid to install a breaker (like Cleaver because you have 2 copies if it get's trashed and you can use Rejig to reinstall it onto Baba Yaga) or take some damage against a faster corp deck.

And once you are all set up you should be able to easily make a Stargate run on R&D each Turn as well as getting into every server needed.

Against Jinja City Grid it's a good strategy to not run that server unless you are sure there is an Agenda inside. This way the ice stay derezed and Run Amok will be really annoying for the corp.

28 Apr 2022 tamuraakemi

Is this designed for a format or just casual play?

29 Apr 2022 Mad Tinkerer

@tamuraakemi Hey, I usualy post decks that are currently standart legal, so is this one.

30 Apr 2022 tamuraakemi

Sorry, there was a netrunnerdb issue causing it to be incorrectly displayed. Feel free to delete my comment