Defracter v1

inniscor 567

Kill the fracters and score the agenda. The net damage isn't for killing, but I'm considering bringing a snare or a psychic field back in to protect my remotes.

Chronos Project and Blacklist to fight recursion. Aggressive Secretary and the sentries to fight installed fracters. I may swap out the Global Foods for Future Perfects.

Philotic gives me a bit of a win condition if they're stealing my pieces.

8 Jan 2016 Torf

Why only 47 Cards? You could take a third Neural EMP and a third Shock!

9 Jan 2016 Preachieved

Have you considered Markus 1.0 for this? Might be a better investment than 3x Ice Wall

9 Jan 2016 inniscor

@Preachieved I do have that card, but I feel Ice Wall does way too much work in this deck. That and Himitsu-Bako are there as the cheap-to-deploy ice. If all goes well they have no fracter anyway - or they're using it to break through and get hit by Will-o'-the-Wisp. Otherwise, Markus 1.0 won't help me much anyway.