[Startup] Deep Dive Lat (1st at Berlin StartUp 22.01)

5N00P1 796

This is a deck for a special StartUp tournament, where you needed to play at least 3x of one new card and got 1 extra point for every additional card. So I went all in and played as many cards I could and the result was this.... as I wanted to play Deep Dive I thought I need Swift as a 2x, so I was only able to include 2x Revolver and 2x Light the Fire!.

It won me the tournament together with my GameNet, as I was starting with 10 points with 3x rounds of swiss, maybe not a real achievement.

Otherwise it's very event heavy so the Prepaid VoicePAD play a big role and can make you a lot of money. But.... playing Light the Fire! in Lat is maybe just maybe not the best idea. On top when you try to keep some combo pieces like 1x event and then you have already 2x DD in your hand a hand size of 4 hurts.

I was only able to play this deck in one game, where I stole the agenda with single access and the last one in the turn I was planning to deep dive....

It was really nice to see the Berlin Meta again, hope this was a start into a good summer.

10 May 2022 mrteatime66

well done and congratulations! :D

11 May 2022 5N00P1

not sure if you could call that well done ;-)