Like Talking to a Brick Wall

yarsiemanym 236

  1. Deny the runner fracters, AI breakers and other troublesome cards.
  2. Score out behind a vanilla or two.
  3. Cackle maniacally.
21 Jul 2016 FarCryFromHuman

It seems like you would really struggle for money. You've got 6 econ assets and most of your stuff is pretty cheap, but maybe some Celebrity Gifts are in order? You could do 2x Marcus Batty, 1x Will-o'-the-Wisp, and 3x CG and rely more on your hand punishment to knock out breakers, then use the upgrades when one manages to get through the gridlock.

21 Jul 2016 yarsiemanym

I hear what you're saying. Since everything is pretty cheap I don't often have trouble with money. In my league, players started figuring out how to play against this and got better at getting fracters on the table before I could snipe them so I need Marcus Batty and Will-o'-the-Wisp to deal with that. Hostile Infrastructure helps keep the asset econ from getting trashed.