Psycho Gods vHJ2.0

HepatitvsJ 244

My version of db0 excellent Psycho Gods build. I've gone with Ichi 1.0 over any 2.0 because the 2.0 isn't strong enough. 1.0 will trash programs just fine and the trace is just icing if the runner hits it poorer than you...if they're running spinal modem like one opponent did wednesday...even better. :) Data raven over shadow because I like the money but mimic breaks it unless you invest 3 creds and clicks advancing whereas Data raven is far more effective overall imo. Forcing the runner to shake tags or accumulate for your psychographics score is win/win for you. I also went with 3/2 agendas for never advance. With 12 assets, your opponent never knows if it's an agenda or another campaign/JackHo. I lose the PSF/EFF Comm combo but I (or you) can always switch out -3 agendas (one each of mandatory upgrades, project vitruvious, ABT) for +3 PSF if you want it. Play tested Wednesday against local players and went 4/5. 80% win rate is pretty awesome. Local players were playtesting decks but all were solid builds and the players were strong, no gimmes. Thanks again to db0 for a fun build and Octgn. :)

2 Jan 2014 db0

If you're missing Project Ares, you might want to change the name :P