M.P.D.G v2

paulxthompson 234

(thanks to @esutter479 for comments on previous version of this deck)

So, I've learned that I need economy down first, before any damn thing else.

13 Economy Cards out of 40 means that around 32% will be economy and around 50% chance of getting two in the initial hand. That's kind of essential because we'll be paying to keep running.

This means that we should be able to pay for stuff, and there's quite a lot to pay for.

Three for each type of ice should be enough plus Dinosaurus and The Personal Touch to boost their strength depending on what we see. Paintbrush seems handy to allow some easy going Yog.0 on weakly iced servers and to help Inti beat larger ones (due to it retaining strength). Yogosaurus though, probably.

We can pay for Inti and Paintbrush if it lands, but the main purpose of Test Run/Scavenge/Eureka! is to pay for Femme Fatale.

Scavenge can if needed re-point the Femme Fatale target, and Test Run can bring up the Paintbrush and Sneakdoor Beta so at least our combos are multi-purpose.

Amendments? Defence...

Muresh Bodysuit and Plascrete Carapace should give us some armour, but we've nothing to defend against net damage right now or see what Jinteki traps we're running into. That worries me a bit.

Amendments? Surprise...

Sneakdoor Beta only seems to really work as a surprise hit for me (I like the idea that all decks can all run a casino, not just Jinteki), so i'm not sure we need two. I'd quite like to replace the second one with something different, but equally surprising and out of faction... initial thoughts being... Imp, Inside Job, Data Leak Reversal, Ice Carver, Unregistered S&W '35....

5 Sep 2014 esutter479

Looking solid! :)

I'm not sure about the Muresh Bodysuit...IMO, -1 Suit and +1 Plascrete Carapace, then you could do -1 Eureka! and +1 Express Delivery so you have a place to put that influence point. What'cha think? :)

5 Sep 2014 esutter479

Oh, almost forgot...about the net damage thing...you could do -1 Inti and throw in a Deus X to have out if you fear running into a 1) Flytrap 2) Baby 3) Ronin 4) Psychic Field 5) Komainu ... yah, lots of things to burn you down there, heh.

5 Sep 2014 chowyunbrent

I'd lose Muresh Bodysuit for sure. If you want defense against Jinteki get your self some card draw. sore lacking in this deck. Quality Time or even Diesel . Load up and run!

I'd lose 1 x Sneakdoor Betadoor (youve got good tutoring if you need it) and use that influence on a nicer breaker suite. get yourself a Corroder, Inti just doesnt cut it in my opinion.