HM: The Thing That Should Not Be [revised]

Oneiro 259

I really got excited about the decklist omegalife2002 posted, so i made a revised version with some changes.

I removed one CAPRICE NISEI and added another MENTAL HEALTH CLINIC, because those are more expensive to trash and there will be only one CAPRICE NISEI in play anyway, so three is a bit too much for my feeling.

I also cutted one JACKSON HOWARD and one SANSAN CITY GRID to put in two RSVPs as an additional taxing ice which cant be broken by yog.0 without any help of sucker/ carver and so on.

Instead of SNARE!s i put in SHI.KYUs just because i like them really really much and i think they might work well with the theme of the deck and aditionally help protecting archives.

I don't know how those changes will work out though, because i didn't have the time to playtest, yet.

7 May 2014 omegalife2002

Glad you liked the deck! You made some solid choices. I used to have 3 MHC, but pulled one out to slide in the Fast Track.

I think the RSVP is a great choice. The synergy is solid. I'm probably going to give that a run and see how it plays out.

7 May 2014 bubo

I mentioned this in omegalife2002's The Thing That Should Not Be deck, but you might want to review my Party Planner deck for some ideas on an RSVP - Harmony Medtech implementation. Party Planner came out before the full release of Honor and Profit so there is a lot of room for improvement, but there are still some solid RSVP combos in there.

7 May 2014 Oneiro

So after playing a few matches on OCTGN i came to some conclusions:

  • Shi.Kyu can be a real game changer and is superb for securing archives, but not having those snares of the original deck def. hurts rnd.
  • RSVP and Caprice can make a remote so hard to run and is able to give you quite big scoring windows
  • yagura and quandary can be awesome early game ice, but yog.0 pretty much kills them. As soon as yog is out it is really tough to protect centrals.
  • Komainu is super awesome and is big early game surprise which can give the runner a massive slowdown. But if it is the only ice on a server the runner can "cheat" his way through it by running without cards (e.g. on RnD) -> That's why Snares probably need to return into this deck

Possible changes: - i might take out one health clinic, reduce shi.kyu to one and add two snares again - although i like the idea of a surprise swordsman it didn't do too much in the games i played, that's why i might replace it with inazuma - i am also not too sure about grim because its so hard to pull of mid game, if the runner has a sentry breaker out (which he will have in most cases, because running against jinteki is just too dangerous without one) - maybe this would give me space for another inazuma

7 May 2014 Oneiro

One Question btw: Is it possible to edit an already published decklist so that the changes are visible immediately?

8 May 2014 Oneiro

I tried shocks insteat of snares and they worked quite well, because of their ability to protect rnd and archives and their trash cost of 2.

Inazuma seems to be a good addition as well, because otherwise this deck might die against parasite recursion decks. I am still not sure i rsvp AND inazuma are needed. I might drop inazuma and maybe use another higher strength ice instead...

8 May 2014 bubo

I've never tried editting a published decklist, aside from refining the description once I learned how to format better here.

In my opinion, changing the actual decklist has the potential of making existing comments no long in context. This makes it more difficult for later readers to understand the conversation taking place, and is kind of rude to the commentors, again in my opinion.

If a decklist change is warranted, then publish a .1 version. Honestly, though, my personal rule is to continue discussions of minor updates in the comments until I have a significant enough change to warrant a full point release. This keeps me from releasing "knee-jerk" changes to my decks, and ensures that I spend time thinking through my changes. That's just the way that I do it, though.

8 May 2014 Oneiro

Thx for your comment and advice bubo - this makes total sense. I forgot about how changes in an already published decklist could affect existing comments.

8 May 2014 Oneiro

My new version seems to work quite well, although i am still unsure about those inazumas. I also really need to learn how to play this deck efficiently, because i sometimes make some really dumb mistakes, but besides that it is so much fun to play this medtech build.

I was even able to pull of a win first turn, because my opponent ran into a surprise komainu on rnd and hit a shock afterwards - absolutely hilarious.

13 May 2014 Alsciende

Decklist cannot be changed, for the reason you already understand. You can change your deck and publish it again, it will appear in the "Inspiration for" section.

14 May 2014 Oneiro

Ah, thx for the elucidation Alsciende :)