Sashimitini and Crushed Ice - V5

paulxthompson 234


Wearing a red dress in a world of blue. Sashimi and Cocktails over Crushed Ice. Sea food as Ice breakers.

'Designed'... Hopefully, to profit from ice being rezzed and having some control over when it is rezzed. Profit is such an ugly word.

Andromeda doesn't like handling the money, so has people for that: "Can't have your accounts closed if you don't have any" she would say without acknowledging a history of privilege and entitlement: she can never quite get into the mindset of her Shaper and Anarch 'friends'.

Andromeda doesn't drink Diesel, nor would she be seen dead in Wyldeside, and she's not a particularly artful programmer, so no Paintbrush: but she has people to go get the programs she needs and one or two tricks to keep hold of them.

Hopefully her 'people' are more efficient than she is and if the compromised employees can't keep the tags at bay: well, who wears a dress like this and worries about visibility.


So: not quite back to basics... we're much too 'pretentious' for that, but the attempts at fixed combo's from previous versions have hopefully been replaced with cards that flow together more.

19 Jul 2014 esutter479

Very creative. I think it's getting better each post. :)

I think the only thing(s) I'd do is -1 Compromised Employee for +1 Same Old Thing. Also, not sure you need the Satellite Uplink, as you have the Forged Activation Orders for "expose". That'll bring ya down to 45, and then it's off to the races. :D

19 Jul 2014 paulxthompson

I'm learning I think @esutter479 - earlier versions played well against other similarly new folks, but got torn apart by folks with a bit more experience for lacking in economy. I think your assessment is probably right, and those are the cards i've been tinkering with the numbers of a lot.

19 Jul 2014 paulxthompson

Andromeda is saving up for a Grappling Hook and looking into a Blackguard console, both of which seem they would fit the theme here, but the latter seems very expensive.

19 Jul 2014 chowyunbrent

I like the look of this. Love the profitting from rezzing of ice along with Crescentus

19 Jul 2014 teky

Hi there!

My 2 cents:

I don't think Ice Analyzer would help you there, you have only 2 expensive programs and 2 Analyzers, the chance you get the programs BEFORE the Analyzers is exactly the same (or less since you can tutor for the expensive breaker)

In my opinion you could try taking them out, getting 1 corroder in and you have now 1 slot free for another neutral or in faction card...

Another option, without using corroder, is changing the analyzers for notoriety so you can exploit Doppelganger.

I still don't quite get how doppelganger fits in the deck both thematically and mechanically, maybe try logos?

Let us know how it worked out!

19 Jul 2014 paulxthompson

Hi teky, thanks for the pointers - you're right of course, I think the idea of the Analyzers would be that they'd help pay for recycling those via Clone Chip, but I guess that's a longshot and Retreival Run doesn't need paying for. In practice, it's never worked out :-)

Notoriety, yeah, I really want that in, and have had it in earlier versions as it feels right.

Doppelganger - I agree with that - it's just the best fit I can think of at the moment: I've not got either Logos or Blackguard yet, and both of those seem better fits, thematically.


29 Jul 2014 paulxthompson

@teky you are correct: Ice Analyzer never benefited me at all and frequently sat there with a small fortune in it that I had no way to spend :-)