Chasing the Story

tonedef 128

I'm impatient-- I get itchy sitting still and waiting for the runner to hit a perfectly placed ICE or trap. I'd much rather do some proactive running of my own.

This deck is exploring a new NBN archetype, where the corp actively attacks the runner, without having to do so in response to a runner's actions. It's much easier to flatline a runner with Ronin or Scorched Earth if you can thin out their hand first with Invasion of Privacy or Snoop.

Closed Accounts and City Surveillance work wonders together, and you can throw the runner in a pretty deep hole if they need to spend several turns taking credits and removing tags. The first tag to start the combo can come from Data Raven, Bernice Mai, or Breaking News, all incredibly hard to outmaneuver. Finally, a scored Restructured Datapool all but guarantees on-demand tagging, or you can drain the runner's credits while comfortably spending your recurring creds from NBN: Making News and Primary Transmission Dish.

Edit: Thank you for your helpful comments! I added in more ICE and RSVP to protect the assets that are so plentiful and easy to trash in this deck.