Good Old Tag'N'Bag revised

PeterPan 275

Added one cerebral overwriter for a snare. Will test x3r0h0ur's advice with FL. Changed some ice. (This Code-Gates suck^^), perhaps I'll change one copy each for 1 Hunter+ 1 Shadow.

10 Jul 2014 x3r0h0ur

Looks pretty good, I'm a fan of the 8 agenda layout, since you can assess your risk a lot better based on where you know your agendas are. I am a little hesitant to not run even 1 copy of sea source, because sometimes the runner will just play super safe. Hopefully you can capitalize on the safe play by scoring fast.

I think snare!+DRT is heavily underrated, the toughest part being keeping the drt's on the field. I love scoring a snare!, having a DRT do 2 damage, leaving the runner at 0 cards, then sac'ing false lead to end their turn so they can't draw up, then double scorching ftw.

I think it looks good, would be interested to hear some playtest results.