Sashimi-tini over Crushed Ice

paulxthompson 234

A girl with a grudge against ice. Trying to keep a theme, the idea is to have a number of combinations to break up and otherwise mess with ice:

Faerie + e3 -> Crescentus to shut down ice.

Emergency Shutdown -> Forged Activation Orders -> Compromised Employee(s) / Ice Analyser because I think it's kind of funny.

Clone Chip and Sacrificial Construct to keep Faerie and Crescentus in play.

Any thoughts/advice folks?

5 Jul 2014 YsengrinSC

Just know that Sacrificial Construct can't save Crescentus, because if something has a trash icon as part of its cost, it only takes effect if it is trashed. But it will save Faerie.

5 Jul 2014 LynxMegaCorp

This sounds like fun (not for corp, of course!) What if you substituted 1 each of the non-Faerie icebreakers for 2x Special Order and 1x Express Delivery?

Also, maybe a Levy AR Lab Access over 2x Notoriety, so ensure you won't run out of steam anytime soon (events, Sacrificial Construct reuses, etc).

These are just changes I could see myself making; I'm far from an expert. Let us know how this deck works out!

5 Jul 2014 LynxMegaCorp

@YsengrinSC, that makes sense. I guess Clone Chips will have to pull their weight!

5 Jul 2014 paulxthompson

Bah, YsengrinSC - yeah, that does make sense - thanks for pointing that our. Lynx - i'm going to put the kettle on and then investigate your notes, they sound good but I need the tea. Coffee for show, Tea is for pros as any good runner knows.