The Smiling Bandit [Strikes again!/Ha-Ha-Ha] v2

Hongkong Koma 259

Combos inside!

  • Hemorrhage + Legwork
  • Account Siphon + Gorman Drip
  • ID + 16 Run Events
  • Tutor Run Events with Planned Assault, use them again with SOT
  • Special Order and Express Delivery help you getting your breakers.

Ratio: 7 : 2 (1/6 HB, 0/2 Jn, 0/0 NBN, 1/1 Wy)

4 Jul 2014 Kroen

How do you get into 2+ deep remotes?

4 Jul 2014 Kroen

(or a single remote protected by Guard)

4 Jul 2014 Hongkong Koma

The central-ony ICE breakers do a decent job. For remotes I use Crypsis or Femme Fatale. I try to establish high pressure on all centrals and keep the corp poor. Express gives you a lot of speed and you need to use the momentum. An early Hive in front of HQ can become a problem, but The Maker's Eye punishes an open R&D and Datasucker or Hemorrhage load up on Archives.

It really works well, you should try.