[Startup+] Smoke

@Bookkeeper 75

LOL, it's not even her.

100% untested.

Possible changes: In the Groove first to cut. Bravado might be sth else. They were 3xCareer Fair before but felt meh.

26 Apr 2022 m.p

For a stealth deck, this seems to have quite a low amount of stealth cards. I´d change the following: -1 Bravado, -2 In The Groove, +2 Mantle (for more stealth), -3 Aniccam, +3 Mirror (for more MU+stealth recurring cred replacement, you´d still need the DZMZs if you want to keep your leech/stargate though) +1 Trickster Taka/-1 Stargate +2 Trickster Taka/-1 Trickster Taka +3 Penumbral Toolkits (for more cute foxes/stealth toolkits), -1 Cleaver (Pharos and such go brrr), +1 Corroder/-1 Leech +1 Paperclip (for stealth-level efficiency) and, obviously -1 Lat and +1 Smoke (unless you want to troll people with a 100% smoke deck). Of course, you can ignore my proposal, put this whole deck into your heap and just build a casual lat deck with 1 mantle you can put on the board to watch your opponent laugh for 5 minutes as they think that you want to go stealth.

27 Apr 2022 @Bookkeeper

Hey m.p, thanks for your comment. It turns out I might have misunderstood the format by picking only one card from the Standard pool, instead of an ID + 1 card. In that case Net Mercur is more important than the ID.

If Smoke + Net Mercur is legal, it's better to use both. Here's how Larrea did it: netrunnerdb.com

Apparently this should be a Smoke list and would look like this: Event (16) 3 Creative Commission 3 Diesel 2 Dirty Laundry 1 Harmony AR Therapy 3 Overclock 3 Sure Gamble 1 Tread Lightly ●​ Hardware (7) 3 Aniccam 2 DZMZ Optimizer 2 Simulchip Program (9) 1 Afterimage ●​●​●​ 1 Cleaver ●​●​ 1 Leech ●​ 1 Mantle 1 Penrose 3 Self-modifying Code 1 Stargate ●​●​●​ Resource (8) 3 Daily Casts 3 Net Mercur 1 Penumbral Toolkit ●​●​ 1 Trickster Taka ●​●​●​

Cleaver can be replaced with Corroder as m.p suggested. Tread Lightly is just spending the last point of inf on a card that does something (it says "I'm gonna ignore the scoring remote until I have to run it").