Builder of Nations, Speed Demon

superheronation 177

There is no time to grind, we are here to brawl. Everything we have is dangerous and you can score out for pennies.

The damage here is not to mill their deck, that will never happen, but to increase the cost of them checking your servers each turn.

We're not counting hitpoints, we're counting clicks. The runner has roughly ~30 clicks (8 turns) to win. Running on a single Kakugo with a Wall to Wall token costs ~3 clicks (1 to run + roughly 2 to draw). Very few runners get enough value from a successful run on R+D or HQ to justify spending 10% of their resources on it.

Wall to Wall: make sure each server has a counter on the outermost ice, with central Kakugos usually the highest priority.

Turn 1 recommendations: I'd recommend mulliganing for a Wall to Wall or Rashida. Given how much value Builder of Nations gets value from ice tokens, I think the strongest turn 1 play is installing and icing a Wall to Wall (or secondarily Rashida). For your remaining click probably icing a central server or installing a Spin Doctor or drawing.

31 Mar 2022 superheronation

Other experiments that come to mind:

  • 1x High Profile Target? So they have to clear Mausolus tags
  • Embrace bad publicity: replace Hedge Funds with Too Big To Fail and lose Afshar. Possibly replace City Works Project with a In Broad Daylight and a third Hostile Takeover.
  • More City Works Projects -- too risky on central accesses
2 Apr 2022 Diogene

I really enjoy small decks and this one look just amazing. Considering the general lack of credits in the deck, Too Big to Fail might be a good idea, as you proposed.

For agenda replacement, maybe New Construction could be used, to get some click compression?

Thanks for sharing!

2 Apr 2022 superheronation

Thanks! I had a lot of fun playtesting this. New Construction is clever, thank you.