Ice Sculpter

DrunkAlex 328

A deck I quickly threw together after a small moment of inspiration. The general idea of this deck is ICE destruction. The basis of this deck can be found in the 'Anatomy of Anarchy' article. IMO that article is a really good template in which you can base stuff on.

This deck is meant to work closely together with crypsis. Loading crypsis up with virus counters isn't really a big deal IMO. Especially if you've got Joshua B to give you an extra click every turn. The rest is support. Use Ice Carver/Bishop/Datasucker to lower the strength of the ice to make your runs cheaper. If you think a piece of ice is really annoying, throw a parasite on it. Combined with Ice Carver it should speed things up a bit.

I'm also not sure if I want to take Spinal Modem or Grimoire. Spinal Modem is a great support card for this deck as it is light on econ (armitage is a quick recovery bank and account siphon sometimes falls flat). The extra MU on Grimoire would be great though, so there could be a little room to test and tweak here. I'm also not entirely convinced if Noise's ability is used to the fullest, but he does seem the most adequate of all the ID's.