Hospital on Speed (1st Local Tournament)

DrunkAlex 328

Hospital on Speed

I've been playing MechTech since it's release and this is my latest version. At first it was a slow advance deck, but that didn't fit my style. I tend to be very aggressive in games, so I generally got really bored half way slow advance games.

This deck is loosely based of x3r0h0ur's MedTech FA ( I primarily tweaked the ICE and operations. I threw it together the evening before the tournament.

It was only a small tournament and after 3 rounds of swiss it won 6-2, 4-3 (Flatline) and 6-2.

Just to get a general idea of all the choices made:


Pretty standard for a Jinteki FA deck. All 3/2's and Philotic is even more fun if your opponent scored a few Shi.Kyu's.


This deck is low on ICE, which means you don't have much to defend many assets either. Mental Health is awesome. Free to rez and 3 to trash. Don't care if my opponent has a bigger hand size. Shock is there to keep my opponent on his toes. Often when they see a shock they also begin to sweat for a Snare.

I would love to say Shi.Kyu is awesome, but it's just a good card. I never put in more than 3-4 creds for net damage. It's tempting to try and flatline him and put in 6 (which I did the first time I played this card), but that is not the point of this card. It's the -1 agenda point and you just have to tempt him on the edge. 3-4 net damage is still not fun and will make many players doubt. These cards are also in the deck for against millers. I don't have jackson in this deck, so this is the next best thing.


Nothing special. It wouldn't be FA if there was no SanSan. Might want to try and fit in Caprice, but I still prefer ash. Much more reliable.

Operations: More econ! Hedge fund and Sweeps are the primary divers. Only play Celebrity/MRF when you are short on cash and need a big boost. There is absolutely nothing wrong with clicking for credits. I never show my hand if it contains SanSan or an agenda (except NAPD), it gives away my game plan.


Wall of Static: Boring, but it does the job. I don't like paper wall. If you run low on ICE, than you shouldn't put in ICE that destroys itself.

Wraparound: Anti Atman. I love this card. It stops AI breakers (except Knights) dead in their tracks and also ends the run. Swordsman is also a good option, but I needed more end the run ICE.

Quandy: Same as Wall of Static

Guard: Hardly used it. Guard is on of those cards that is expensive for what it primarily does (end the run), but is great insurance if you go against criminals. You know you can get better, but you can't live without it. I always withhold this card until I know my opponent has bypass programs/events. 4 rez for a S2 end the run is a lot of money.

Komainu: If you can get a Knight to sit on this card then you are golden. I put this card over my archives against a milling deck. Knight was his only real breaker. "I'm gonna run archives" 'Sure, pay 10 creds', needless to say he only only had 4 and I had 3 shock and 2 Shi.Kyu lying there (ditched them once I knew he was ignoring my HQ).

Pup: 1 rez, 2 to pass. Great Ice over R&D. Love Pup

Susanoo: Played her once. S7 on a sentry is pretty damn steep. Logical combo with Shock and Shi.Kyu.

Tsurugi: Still on the fence with this one. I primarily put it in here as taxing ICE that is less vulnerable to parasites.


To say this deck is a beast, might be a little bit of a hyperbole. It is really easy to go a fast as possible, but it is actually the other way around. Take your time. Take a lot of time! ICE is few and you have to prepare everything correctly. Get your money, draw your SanSan, let him steal one or two agenda's. A stolen Medical Breakthrough is just as good for you as it is for him. Once you start: Don't stop. When I played I tried to make sure I had enough money in play or in my hand to rez SanSan and two agenda's (not always easy) within a timespan of 3 turns (Turn 1: Score, Turn 2: econ and draw, Turn 3: score). It is only a matter of time before he gets in and trashes SanSan.

IMO Harmony MedTech is about sharing and giving things to the runner, but in the mean time you get a bigger advantage out of it.