For science. You monster. (v2)

Hongkong Koma 259

Love kills slowly.

  • Only Ice up HQ and R&D, play all Agendas and Assets as they come.
  • Advice: Keep some cash. Don't get siphoned too often, but recovering by Gila Hands or Profiteering (take all creds, f#% Bad Pub) is easy.

  • Update from v1: -2 Punitives +1 Scorched, -1 Hedge +2 Celebrity Gift.

Ratio: 3 (3 Flatline, 0 Agendas) : 0 (0/0 An, 0/1 Sh, 0/2 Cr)

7 Jun 2014 rattkin

It's been a long time.

9 Jun 2014 Hongkong Koma

Must runners forget: The cake is a lie.

24 Jun 2014 The Broken Meeple

I tried this against an unsuspecting player and it did win, but not without some delays, though that was due to two things. One, I seemed to not draw much in the way of income related cards and no Jackson Howards. Two, he was incredibly lucky at guessing out of 6 different remote servers which one was an agenda, including my Philotic which I had lined up for a next turn score-win.

It was fun though, I'd almost class this as a trolling deck. Fun for one use and good for that use, but once people wise up, who knows. However I think I'll be using this in a local casual, friendly tournament for giggles though! :-)

I might suggest maybe removing the Blue Clearances and adding in +1 Celebrity Gift and +1 Scorched Earth maybe? Or increasing the number of Neural EMP's? - I felt I needed more ways to kill the opponent off when it wasn't his turn. Maybe consider Archived Memories, Interns or Reclamation Order?

24 Jun 2014 Hongkong Koma

My latest experience showed some weaknesses that I needed to take care of. Keyhole can be a real problem, so I need to get rid of it. I swapped 2 Blue Level Clearance with 1 Aggressive Secretary and 1 Cerebral Overwriter. Because without advanceable assets, Fetal AI can't be advanced in a secure way. These two fit that niche very well.

And while Data Mine is nice, it does not protect you from Keyhole or recurring Indexing/Account Siphon. So I am right now testing Dracō to protect only my central servers with an ETR ICE that also tags (Scorch/remove nasty Public Sympathy) and and at least eats my creds before the runner gets them.

I would be happy to hear your results with more aggressive Operations, @The Broken Meeple, because I think a "naked" Jinteki Core has some potential to discover.

24 Jun 2014 The Broken Meeple

Problem is the Runner has all the money in the world to get past the traces so all that will do is suck up your money for Account Siphon which in the end, hurts you more than the Runner as money won't be an issue for him.

Keyhole might not be too bad - yes it's a pain but if you chuck a ton of nasty shocks/shi-kyus in archives using Jackson or from earlier runs then accessing the stuff in Archives after Keyhole will be painful and potentially lethal. Though that depends on whether he gets 7 agenda points before the damage hits?

Indexing, oh god, yeah I'm not sure what you can do vs that card, though it's rare I either see the card being used or being used in sufficient quantity to cause a win out of it. Remember if he does manage to index for a lot of agendas, here comes Philotic!

But yeah we need a tiny bit of ice, but the Runner will have a suite that can break most of them so I don't know which to suggest. Maybe some of the code gate deflectors so that you can bump people off RnD or HQ on to a remote server? I was thinking of Bullfrog and Susanno?? I find that runners struggle to break STR 4+ code gates more than most other ice as when they do run a code gate breaker, they tend to run Yog.

You might only get one use out of a particular deflector, but if it's enough to bump them on to an Edge of World or Overwriter then it's worth doing as the next turn you could go for the kill. Then you could install an agenda in the server with the Bullfrog on it as extra security! :-)

25 Jun 2014 Hongkong Koma

I don't consider a rich runner as a problem. Because he doesn't need it in fact. It serves as a distraction: When installing (iagainst this deck mostly useless) programs, ressources and hardware, he spends clicks instead of running and drawing cards. That's what I want.

Dracō: I prefer spending all my money in a trace instead of getting it siphoned. It's gone anyway. And when I keep, let's say, 2 creds, does a runner really take them in exchange for his 2 tags?

Bullfrog and Susanoo-No-Mikoto are nice ideas. I will give them a try.

25 Jun 2014 Hongkong Koma

Second thoughts: Bullfrog gets better since he deflects Siphons, Makers Eye's and Indexing. Like "ok, you play Account Siphon, I bullfrog you to my R&D. Sorry, no successful run on HQ!" Or "Indexing run on my R&D? Go check that HQ instead."

The only problem is 'dat Psi game'.