Nonviolent Benevolent Bioroids Working For FA

shruthless 3

Hello, We are a small crew of HB Bioroids working on a nondescript meteorite. Influenced by the teachings of a man called Buddha who lived millennia ago, we have renounced violence. Our goal is to just get our work done fast. Our ice won't damage the runner - as long as they don't run last click! We are even benevolent. Our operations actually help the runner as well!

We don't have much space for remote servers on our meteorite - preferably we would not build even one during a matchup! Runners seem to have so many ways to pressure centrals these days that all our time is spent protecting them.

Notes from the manager:
* It's not too bad to go broke doing an FA. As long as there's an unrezzed Bioroid it's like having 4 credits to at least rez ice. And Fundraiser and Too Big to Fail will help bounce back fast.
* Sometimes we go for naked GFI IAA. If the runner leaves it alone thinking it's a NGO, then it makes life a lot easier as we can find two FA windows usually.
* Are we any good? Nah - we have a 50% or so win rate on JNet. We would be grateful for any advice on how we can improve our efficiency :)

2 Mar 2021 Shorty

You can also add Subliminal Messaging to have more triggers for the Work Crew! Cool deck nontheless. =)

2 Mar 2021 shruthless

The initial iteration had Subliminal. But remember, our goal is to not have a remote at all! So Work Crew does not stay on the table for a turn for subliminal to fire it. So the FA is RLC install Work Crew and score. Well protected HQ allows for the combo to build up. Not consistently though, unfortunately...