The Lord of the Next: The Two Towers (STTYC winner, 4:1)

mildesorte10 335


The inspiration for my deck comes from Odol´s deck build . I must say I really love Next Silver (because rezzing it with 7 subrutines is F*****g good feeling :D) and Seidr adaptive Barrier that is a natural fit for this deck. These two ices combined with Jinja city grid make for a solid score strategy. I wasn’t sure about Next Diamond, but when I rezed it for 3 credits, my worries disappeared. In every game I built two towers from my NEXT ices, the first tower guarding remote server and the other securing R&D or HQ depending whether I played against criminal or shaper.

Thanks Longi, Krasty and TwadaCZ for this alternative format tournament, it was fun.