CuddleBunny 1

edit: This deck is bad, I am new, do not play this deck.

I smashed together some cards from a deck that demolished me, and added things that may or may not make sense in the context.

22 Jan 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Hey @CuddleBunny- Thought I would just give you a real good tip for corp deckbuilding as I believe you are pretty new to the game.

When it comes to Corps with a 45 card minimum - you actually want to include 49 cards in total (you can go up to 49 without having to add any further agenda points) this will give you better agenda density and stop you losing so often from lucky accesses.

(it also mean you have 4 more slots for what ever assets or ice you want to include in your deck!)

note - this is different for building runner decks where you ideally want to have the minimum cards allowed (so exactly 45 in a 45/15)

Have fun and enjoy the deck building!

23 Jan 2021 CuddleBunny

@Baa Ram Wu Thanks! I'm very new so I appreciate the advice.