Horror Show

ClosDeLaRoche 254

The title because this is the soundtrack of the deck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEAf_ZztCP0

Horror Show is a hyper oppressive, Tablet Asa inspired RP with a focus on click compression in the form of MCA and Jeeves. This is especially effective in RP due to our ID already draining the runner of a click every turn they plan to run a remote.

The game plan is to never-advance and fast-advance to victory while forcing the runner to answer the vicious combo of MCA and Bio-Ethics both ticking away protected by Hostile Infrastructure.

This is the sickest turn I've pulled off to epitomize the deck's capacity for cruelty: end of runner's turn rez Bio-Ethics with a Hostile Infrastructure on the board, start of corp's turn click MCA, pop MCA to gain clicks, never-advance an Obokata, rez and Jeeves-click a second MCA.

21 Jan 2021 ClosDeLaRoche

Quick update: a couple good players have recommended adding Viral Weaponization to make Bio-Ethics and Hostile more threatening.

21 Jan 2021 Radiant

Can I recommend this deck for some inspiration? :)

21 Jan 2021 ClosDeLaRoche

Aw maaan I thought I was being original! Nice build Radiant

23 Jan 2021 Diogene

@ClosDeLaRoche Awesome list!

But why Envelope?

One way would be focus on sentries, using Mlinzi, Komainu and Saisentan?

Another way would be to put more emphasis on cheap ices like Engram Flush and Himitsu-Bako.

Considering the number of assets, I would have thought you would try with Tour Guide.

Just throwing some ideas.

While I agree with the Viral Weaponization idea, I think you are going for the fast advance play, using MCA Austerity Policy. The fast advance route you have is very potent and should be kept.

For the jank of it : you could replace Preemptive Action by Psychic Field. Allowing you a weapon vs 419 and a nasty surprise for those poking runner. As a bonus, it even activate if the runner use Falsified Credentials. Then you can say : "made you look!"

I had fun playing against it. Keep posting those decks.

24 Jan 2021 ClosDeLaRoche

Hey Dio,

Envelope because 1. It's a gear-check. If I can rez it to force the runner to pay to install Paperclip it's worth it. 2. It's too taxing to bounce off. 3. The ETR subroutine can come in handy. I probably don't need 2x but at least 1x is worth the include.

Saisetan is okay but Anansi is much better. Imagine playing against Crim and they Boomerang / DoF, would you rather have Anansi or Saisetan on HQ? And consider later when they have Buk down: 2 to break vs 5. Komainu is not good it's ruined by Hunting Grounds. Mlinzi is expensive but pretty good. I considered it. Although I'm worried that if the runner gets low on cards in the stack then it's a blank card. 3x Anansi is where I want to be for Sentries.

Do not play Himitsu-Bako or any Ice that is simply an ETR sub. The runner bounces off of it, rendering RP's ability way less effective. Like Komainu, Hunting Grounds blanks Engram Flush. I want my Ice to be taxing in all situations. Although, I have been playing 1x as a Hunting Grounds gear-check. I think playing more than one copy of a "when encountered" Ice is not good in RP, Hunting Grounds becomes too powerful.

I have cut 2x Yagi Uda for 2x Viral and it is not a bad change. I can still FA and never advance with Jeeves and MCA, but I do admit that being reliant on those cards is a major disadvantage. Still, scoring a Viral is very powerful and probably worth the include. I did try 3x Viral and think that three copies is too much.

Keep 2x Preemptive. The Runner is going to trash a bunch of important cards and you will need to get them back. I tried Psychic Field but too many games the runner figured out it was a trap and it was a useless card.

Also, this is maybe not the best call but I cut one Sundew for one NASX. I do not like to see Sundew too early because it is too cheap to trash. Sundew is best on turn 4 or so once you have your centrals iced. I also do not like to rez assets at the end of my turn early game, I want to keep the runner guessing while my board is not established yet. One cool play with NASX: I was hovering around 15 credits and used its ability to keep my credit total right at 14 to prevent Beth clicks.

Here are the changes I made since posting the deck: -1 Aiki, -1 Envelope, -2 Yagi Uda, -1 Sundew +1 Excalibur, +1 Engram Flush, +2 Viral Weaponization, +1 NASX