Stonehenge ACME

Yusei 31

JintekiNet is full of asset haters now,dont play AS decks.Throw Team Sponsorship and Sansan City Grid away and use some tough stuffs.

Gameplan: Score 1 of 3points Agenda by MCA + Jeeves. When Runner runs out of credits,protect and adv another one. If they dont mind being tagged from HHN or tracer ices,EOI will finish this game.

other cards tested(swap in if u want): Lady Liberty. Malia Z0L0K4. Market Forces. Sweep Weeks. Attitude Adjustment. Crisium Grid.CVS.

27 Jan 2021 Diogene

It was fun going against it. It did feel like you would have needed a bit more creds. Maybe cutting the Sandburg, Amani Senai and Daily Business Show for more econ cards. An additional Rashida Jaheem, one Subliminal Messaging and either NGO Front or IPO would give you more breathing room. Even a third Daily Quest would go a long way.

Good deck, solid. Keep on posting. Cheers!

31 Jan 2021 Yusei

@Diogene Thanks for comments! Still testing now.

Yes, should take more econ cards.Now is the changing:

-1 Hydra +1 Turnpike

-1 Sandburg -1 Marilyn Campaign +1 Blacklist +1 PAD Campaign and -1 Thimblerig , remaining 2 inf now , chose +1 Archived Memories

cut down some ices for more Asset and Tagged Punishment(Market Forces) , and most important card - SanSan City Grid .Now dont need to wait both Jeeves Model Bioroids and MCA Austerity Policy to score 5/3! :)