Big MaxX-Undefeated on Jnet-Probably good RP matchup, IDK

Sanjay 2917

Great matchup vs RP grinder unless they figure out how scoring remotes work.

The deck has one bad matchup and that is vs The Board PE. Your econ doesn't work so you'll have an impossible time getting to 7 credits to trash that bad boy. So that means you need to steal every Obokata to win.

I would say The Board is a HARD COUNTER.

Thankfully, most corp players don't have the moral integrity and courage to ever rez it.

20 Jan 2021 Sanjay

Update: I've now played two games and I am still undefeated.

21 Jan 2021 ctz

I took it back to the lab and agree with your findings; This deck cannot beat PE board. It can however, act much like a board and take a thrashing.

10/10 lore runner is best runner

21 Jan 2021 Watzlav

I think you should play only one console at most and maybe cut some other cards, too.

22 Jan 2021 Sanjay

@Watzlav This deck is a block of exquisite marble. There's a lot of beautiful statues to carve out of it!