Is the Board safe?

Enchart 17

Ok. This is my take on how to protect all the high-and-mighty of the Weylands board of directors. The best people to protect the Board are the ones who work at the Argus Security (Protection Guaranteed).

Key card is The Board which should have one remote server protected and locked against runners. Agendas are mostly 1-pointers. Once the board is rezzed and protected they don't even count. One pointers could be spammed as assets since there are some Snares! to discourage runners. If the runner doesn't run to them they can be scored in a single turn.

Real risk is the project aiming to Government Takeover. It can end the game in a moment so RD and HQ should be shielded too. Two Punitives are for the GT and Consulting Visits are for Punitives (or for Scorcheds if tags are the matter).

So these are my plans and thoughts about this deck. Tell me what you think and I'll report how the deck works (yes, I haven't played this yet)


20 Jan 2021 Jtfq99999

This style works much better in Jinteki: Personal Evolution since:

  1. Scoring still puts pressure!
  2. Much more traps in faction
  3. Much more synergistic agendas(Sting! Fetal AI)
  4. Much more synergistic assets (Genetics Pavilion)
20 Jan 2021 Enchart

@Jtfq99999 This is more of a thematic deck. The Board, rulers of Weyland has always tickled my imagination. This is how they might secure the Board while the board is meeting. Lot's of small project on their table and big scheme to overthrow a government. ( Ash is obviously rented from HB.) I tried to make a deck around it with even small chance of winning.

20 Jan 2021 Diogene

I like the use of Game Changer. It is an underused card outside Sportsmetal combo.

But it seems to me that you are trying to put too many option in the deck. 1x Punitive Counterstrike, is obviously for the case you get the Government Takeover, but you might want more ices instead.

Have you considered Reduced Service to protect The Board? Because with 16 ices, you'll be stretched to rez and protect your two remote (1 scoring, 1 for The Board).

Aside from this, it is refreshing to see a Government Takeover tactic using something different. Very good. With more testing, this could be amazing.

Also : excellent thematic.

20 Jan 2021 Enchart

I've played this deck three times now. After the first game I made some changes: mainly taking Divested Trusts out since they cannot prevent theft of Government Takeover. Also I ended up to adding one Red Planet Couriers to this deck. Result: now I'm preparing to score the GT with RPC which wasn't my purpose.

Also I haven't yet been able to setup the Board 'cause games haven't gone like that.

@Diogene glad you liked the deck. You also pointed the problem of trying to many things at the same time. Maybe I'll ditch the Scorcheds but keep the punitive. Reduced Service sounds like very good card to add.

I'll get back to this after more testing

29 Jan 2021 Enchart

Now I'm happy with this deck:

No scorcheds, no punitives but red planet couriers and fast break. The satisfaction when you have the board open and opponent has 8 zero-pointers. Then you drop the fast break and game changer and score government takeover with or without red planet couriers