OKORINA 3 - Beth Enters the Matrix (2-2)

Baa Ram Wu 459

This is pure an utter Jank that actually stood up far better than I expected it to during Okorina 3.

Both losses we're to corps decks that planned on stealing clicks, which if you take a look at the deck is obviously gonna be an issue. (most importantly both were on Ikawa Project which utterly bones this deck!)

Note: This was a deck played in the OKORINA format. I was playing with Beth Kilrain-Chang as an ID.

The Plan here is to use Deus X with an adjusted Matrix installed on top as your main breaker to break any ice for a click + 1 credit for extra subs with E3 Feedback implants.

^^ while you are setting up you also have Kongomatos and boomerang to enable you to pressure if needed.

Artist Colony is preferably over SMC here as the more important parts of your rig are not programmes.

Hyperdrivers can be used to give you extra clicks for dealing with big scoring servers (especially if Border Controls are involved) but also to speed up you set up.

Ideally you want to pop one off on a turn you are going to Get into the Groove! it is totally possible to install 8 things in a turn, drawing a fresh card with each install.

Peace in our time is important as you want the corp to be rich (or at least over 15 credits as much as possible)

Stargate is the multiaccess that makes the most sense here - You will only have enough clicks to make one high impact run per turn.

This was kindda fun to play as an experiment and made for some very unusual thoughts about lines of play.

17 Jan 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Thanks to all my opponents on the day: tzeentchling, The King, DeeR and Oscolate.

They were all fun games (even the ones that chose to play Ikawa Project)

18 Jan 2021 gilesdavis

oh yeah, this is my JAM.


18 Jan 2021 tzeentchling

One of the more innovative decks I saw on the day. Definitely fun to play against!