Game On!

Koschei 50

It’s your birthday, and how best to spend your day? At the arcade, of course! (Insert role model here) gives you $20 and wishes you a fun day.

You’re going at it with your friends, probably on that TMNT game, because that music can’t be beaten. You mop the floor with the Shredder, and decide you’re all hungry. Head on over to the food court, and... what’s this? You spent all your money on Double Dragon? You can’t afford to eat!! Such a sad day, now all you have to look forward to as you wearily trudge home is eating an overpriced store-made cake because (Insert role model here) didn’t spring for the Oreo ice cream cake.

Notes on certain inclusions:

Bellona - Solid agenda that coins you a credit when stolen.

Explode-A-Palooza - A nice influx of money when the runner finds it (Not necessarily steals it, more on that later).

15 Minutes - That crappy 1942 game that somehow makes you go play it. This card is bait for Game Over. Put it in a remote by itself, most runners won’t be able to resist the call.

Game Over - A very unexpected card for many players. If the runner has been running through your taxing ice, they won’t have much money to pay for saving whatever card type you choose. If they can afford to save them, cool. Now they’re broke. Bonus taunting if you have both in hand, should they pay to save them!

Jinja City Grid - Primarily for the remote, but works on R&D and HQ just as well when needed. Works great with Rashida!

Red Herrings - This gem, oh my. While it CAN be put in a central server when a crisis hits, it really shines in the scoring remote. Expensive runs end with them having to pay a surprise 5 credit tax on top of everything else. Bellona costs 10 credits with a herrings installed, but why stop at one? They’re not unique... another fun interaction is with Explode-A-Palooza. If they can’t afford the steal they still access the agenda, giving you free money.

Endless Eula - I used to run three, but parasite makes the Eula sad. This one’s flexible.

DNA Tracker - Keep this one a secret from the runner if you can. They’re likely expecting a Tollbooth which loses them 3 credits, but DNA hurts so much more. Make sure you keep track of your opponent’s credits before firing it, as them being at 0 when losing doesn’t give you any.

Potential changes - I feel the only changes that won’t change the direction I was going towards would be Game Over and Subliminal Messaging. They both work really nicely, but there are plenty of good choices out there. I enjoyed Attitude Adjustment and Expose as well.

Edit Expose - I used to include a copy of this, and it would be very helpful as an answer to mining accident. It didn’t feel to me like a very helpful card most of the time, though Val decks are a compelling reason to run it.

Opening hand choices - Standard money and ice, look for Jinja. I like to keep the DNA Trackers in the remote, but if they’re more useful in a central that’s fine.

Game On!

13 Jan 2021 Jtfq99999

Slot Machine is a 4credit swing on the first sub only, Free Lunch is 4 credit max. Could you justify the choice ?

13 Jan 2021 Jtfq99999

Does the bad pub from Game Over hurt your taxing ?

13 Jan 2021 Koschei

@Jtfq99999 My choices may come from inexperience and potentially very irrational bias. I don’t have any negative thoughts about slot machine, and would not miss free lunch, too much... I use free lunch because it can store the counters for a future run. That usually obligates the runner to break the subs anyhow. With engolo and black orchestra, I figured it’s on average the same cost to break. That’s my thought process with free lunch, and again, may be an inferior choice.

As far as game over, having both fire has been very rare for me. I just find it humorous to be able to do both, but usually only fire off one. I would hold on to it until I wanted to recover from heavy runner pressure or rob them of a chance to get into the servers at will.

One bad pub hasn’t made me feel like it’s too much of a balance for the runner, but the mining accidents do make things tougher. I neglected to mention expose as a potential one-of inclusion, which I did use for a while. Running only one copy of it wasn’t something I felt was helpful a lot of the time, though when it was it really made things better.