Super Nintendo Chalmers v2

Davidmc7 14

Just a fun deck I made to play in my meta. Most runners I play against run Black Orchestra as their decoder so I run a bunch of code gates with three or more subs (Fairchild, potentially Slot Machine) or with unbreakable subs or when encountered conditions (Afshar, Tollbooth). Endless EULA is just a bit broken in GameNet as you would gain 6 credits if the runner was to break it with money.

I find Bellona better than Global Food Initiative in this deck because they are exxy to steal while this deck prints a fair bit of money to score them. It also combos really well with Red Herrings. I might switch one of the Remastered Editions back to a Beale or Cyberdex if I find I have too much trouble scoring or if my opponent plays a bunch of viruses (or Tapwrm).

I'm still fairly beginner at this game so your suggestions would be welcome to improve this deck! Also, the name is just because it's GameNet and I love Steamed Hams.

8 Jan 2021 tonybluehose

Welcome to the game! I'm gonna take this for a spin, it looks like it would be fun to play and a hassle to play against.

9 Jan 2021 Davidmc7

Thanks @tonybluehose, let me know how you go! It is quite fun to play with so far, although Engolo will hurt a bit because of the amount of code gates...

9 Jan 2021 tonybluehose

Hey David! This deck is holding up pretty well! While I don't quite understand why GameNET games go so long, this also seems to be the case for this one too.

My favorite moment is in two back-to-back games I played with it, I caught the runners in a very ugly Fairchild 3.0 situation when they facechecked on click number 3.

I'm gonna practice with this one for a bit and see how it holds up. Good build!

10 Jan 2021 Davidmc7

Thanks @tonybluehose. You are right, GameNet games usually go down to the wire. The F2P have not been great, so I might phase them out and just add a third Data Raven and a third IP Block as they combo well and for consistency. You could probably make it a kill deck too by removing the Fairchilds and Roughneck Repair Squad (bad pub silver bullet) and slotting in some murder cards...