Kit v2

Raiddinn 48

This deck is meant to be a really really Rielle consistent deck.

v3 changes -1 Psych Mike -2 Symmetrical Visage -3 Rezeki +1 Professional Contacts +1 The Artist +1 Career Fair +3 Mantle

There are 5 breakers in the deck, and any of them will get through any ice that the corporation tosses up. Three of them will get through whatever first two ice that the corporation tosses up.

There are also 3x SMCs in case you don't pull one of the five breakers in the opener and to potentially help get the full breaker suite (1x Study Guide and 3x Engolos) setup more quickly if you need to.

Study Guide pumps once per game and once you have it setup even some crazy 11 strength barrier breaks for one per sub plus the two for Engolo.

The deck has Cyberfeeders and Mantles (v3) which can pump Study Guide strength on turns where you aren't running, if they happen.

There is really no "trick" to the deck at all, it is very straightforward. Play things to get money and use that money to get accesses.

The "full drip" is 9 credits a turn from Cyberfeeders, Mantles (v3), and Cyberdelias if they don't make you install a lot of Engolos. That's a lot of free money.

Aniccam and Professional Contacts (x3 in v3) keep the cards flowing.

Hopefully you can keep them from building a deep enough ICE scoring server until you can do a couple R&D runs for 5+ cards to hit enough agendas.

If anyone is worried about insanely deep ice more than they are about infinite assets, perhaps they could toss some copies of Miss Bones for a HQ Interface and a Sneakdoor Beta.

Wraparound makes this deck sad for a while if it gets thrown up. How painful that is makes me want to fit something like an Inti.

5 Jan 2021 Xandorius

Hello! Good writeup walking through your steps deckbuilding. You mentioned that the idea is to maximize consistency. Have you tested including Diesel for additional card draw? This let's you get your pieces faster and many would consider it a staple card.

You may also consider Pelangi to help turn things into codegates - there's extra synergy there since it's a virus and can be installed with Cyberfeeder money.

5 Jan 2021 Raiddinn

I have considered both Diesel and Pelangi.

Pelangi would look pretty sad, being installed next to an early Engolo, which is why I have so far avoided it. I have considered dropping 1 Engolo for 1 Pelangi, but I haven't yet taken the step because that reduces the likelihood that I have a breaker early at all.

Diesel is also one of those cards I kinda auto include in shaper and it was in the list of cards I gathered at the outset, but I cut it to keep in other stuff instead.

As with my original description, the Aniccam, Professional Contacts, and Symmetrical Visage is a lot of card draw already. When I have played this deck so far, I have mostly found myself to be overdrawing and discarding a lot of redundant copies of stuff even without Diesel.

I had a Build Script in this deck in an earlier version, which I prefer here over Diesel, but I ended up cutting those too because there wasn't room and I didn't usually need the additional draw.

v3 Removed Symmetrical Visage for more expensive cards, The Artist and another Pro Con. This made me want to reduce the costs elsewhere, thus I demoted Rezekis to Mantles and I tossed the Psych Mike for a Career Fair.

I am also considering Bank Job rather than Career Fair. What the deck is really hungry for is more burst econ early game which Career Fair does, but perhaps Bank Job might do better. Career Fair triggers Aniccam and it lets me use 2 cards for 1 click, which is why it has the edge so far.

5 Jan 2021 Diogene

@Raiddinn This is a fun deck idea.

I would suggest going for 3x The Artist and losing the Psych Mike. This would give you stable income every turn. Note that you could use Kati Jones for the same net effect.

If you aim to pump Study Guide, then you might want to use the influence on Multithreader. You would get 2 creds worth of pump for 3 creds of install, compared to 1 creds of pump for 2 creds of install. Even one install will be enough, no need to put the 3 on the board. With this, Rezeki could come back and give you the much needed creds to use your other cards.

Lastly, I feel Indexing is too powerful to pass up. It is cheaper to use than R&D Interface and allow you to control the game of the corp for the next few turns.

I really like the idea behind the use of Study Guide with Engolo. This is a neat idea. Keep up the good work!

6 Jan 2021 Raiddinn

I really don't like Kati Jones. I really want to like her for sentimental reasons, she just always disappoints me with what she does. She seems like a win-more card to me, not what I want to be putting in decks.

I do kinda like The Artist and I wouldn't hate to have it in play more often, but I went with 3x ProCon and 1x the Artist, because they kind of compete for the same install (rarely would I ever want to install both) and I think most of the time I would rather have the ProCon. I would at least consider adding a 2nd The Artist and keeping ProCon at 3x and taking the extra card from somewhere else.

I suppose I could slot in one Multithreader instead of the v3 current Career Fair (Psych Mike already switched out) and tutor for it if I happen to have infinite money at the time. Unfortunately, these have let me down a lot of times too. I have found them clogging my hand when I would have played something that cost 1. Multithreader is one of my other favorite cards, along with Cyberfeeder, and I always want to use it, it's just disappointed me a lot more than it hasn't.

You may be onto something with Indexing. It triggers Aniccam and it costs 4 less than R&D Interface. It won't ever enable a 7 deep access, but perhaps the reduced cost is worth the reduced benefit. Switching that out would make Modded worse, which I don't like, but it is perhaps still a worthwhile consideration. If I was switching Mantles out for Multithreaders or Rezekis that would help Modded stay good.

I haven't ever played Indexing myself, but I have had it played against me and I never really felt like it was a card I should well and truly fear. Perhaps I just haven't seen it used to its' best effect.

6 Jan 2021 Raiddinn

If I wanted to up The Artist to 3, I feel like I would need to drop all my ProCons and use 2x Symmetrical Visage. I could see havong both The Artist and Symmetrical Visage in play at once, and it would ensure I was still drawing.