46 Salvaged Memories: Heartbeat Hayley 4-0 in GNK

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This is the list I took to our Christmas event. This is similar to the Heartbeat Hayley deck I've played most of the year, but TapWrms got booted out for cache, paperclip became lady. Gauss is in there due to being afraid of Lady counters drying up, but didn't do much in the day.


Game 1: vs Sportsmetal. This was a fast sports that leaned into sansan and aurelia, saccing megaprix to turn off the corps megaprix they were about to score was clutch, parasites made quick work of next ice and RDI ended up finding the winning agendas.

Game 2 vs Asa. This was long drawn out, with me barley keeping up on the sansan tax, parasite managed to open a window where the corp thought they could score, and RDI managed to find 2 hyperloop to close it. Most the game was balancing how many agendas I had to not get blown out by game changer after getting rid of the sansans.

Game 3 vs Sports: This wasn't a game, I installed artist colony, stole everything that was installed and sacc'd them until the corp decked out. Accidental silver bullet.

Game 4 vs Aginfusion: This involved a lot of back and forth, blinking engolo to break the same Excalibur numerous times, cache and harbinger letting me stay on top of credits to keep breaking an Anansi id be thrown into. Parasite helped clean up some of the ice. The game came down to the wire, with a simulchip bringing back cache and me clicking for a cred so I could break flush to steal the obokata with 4 cards in hand.

All in all I really enjoyed the deck and the games, it's interesting to see what changes the "new" cards will bring.

13 Dec 2020 Havvy

Well deserved - our game felt close and your econ engine did its work :)