Mission to Mars v2.0

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So after a couple of edits to the original deck, I thought this deck deserved to have a full write up. Also, before we start, I want to give a special thanks to Diogene, who helped out with this whole process and gave many of the ideas for the edits from the original Mission to Mars deck. Plus who doesn't want to do place 40 advancements on a card, (yes, this really happened)

Early Game: Ice up your centrals (Most time one ice will do, but it depends on the deck you are playing against). Get a Wall To Wall in a remote (I found that usually, one ice is enough for protection). The single copy of Tech Startup is to pull out a Wall To Wall. Get your big server started with a Jinja City Grid. It is also great to geet a quick City Works Project, or Oaktown Renovation onto the field. This will really help speed up the number of advancements you get on your ice.

Mid Game: I leave out a faceup agenda, even if I can score it to get even more advancements on your ice, which will help Red Planet Couriers score out a Government Takeover late game.
With Jinja City Grid out, you can get 6-7 pieces of ice, and tons of advancements on your ice in your big remote, making it really hard or taxing to score. Mid game is also where I feel Mass Commercialization really shines because, at its worst, it is a zero-cost Hedge Fund, but late game, it generates a crazy amount of money, around 15 credits for a zero cost card.
Blue Level Clearance and Red Level Clearance are there to get even more value from Jinja, and they act as a second source of card draw (Wall To Wall draws you an extra card each turn) because there is no Rashida Jaheem in this deck. Hopefully, by mid game you can get a Space Camp in archives to discourage runs on archives.

Late game: After you have a strong remote server, tons of money, and advancement counters, the goal is to either score out agendas in this remote server or use Red Planet Couriers to score out a Global Takeover. The Digital Rights Management is to tutor out the Global Takeover and install it (revealing the card you tutor for shouldn't matter, because most times it will be too expensive to get into the server)

Agendas: Faceup agendas are in the deck for SSO to trigger and but advancements on ice. Keep in mind you can put the advancements on ice even if it can't normally be advanced. These faceup agendas go really well with Oduduwa, being able to place 2, or 3 advancements right away on the ice. The Government Takeover lets you get 6 agenda points immediately with the Red Planet Couriers combo.

Assets/upgrades: Space Camp is a really fun card and fits perfectly in this deck. There are multiple reasons to play it, which Diogene explains on his deck right here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/62661/mars-remission Wall to Wall is really important to get out early because it helps Mass Commercialization, is the main form of card draw and produces some drip economy. The Tech Startup essentially acts as a fourth Wall to Wall as I explained earlier. Jinja City Grid is an all-star in this deck, it creates a crazy amount of value, and saves you many credits in the early game. The credit saving really helps you protect your servers early game, before you can land a big Mass Commercializaiton.

Operations: Blue, and Red level clearance go really well with Jinja City Grid and are solid cards in general. The one copy of Dedication Ceremony is there in case of city works, or a faceup agenda, I am leaving one in, but it is pretty narrow, and could easily be replaced with another card. In the right scenario, Dedication Ceremony is a really powerful card though.

Ice: The ice in this deck is really powerful, but it's biggest weakness that I found in playing the deck, is that it is bad at punishing the face check. 4 of the ice in the deck simply just ends the run, 11 of the ice has an effect that is weak besides ending the run, and the 2 Colossus are the only ice that really hurt the face check. Border Control, like always is really powerful, forcing the runner to run multiple times on the remote server.

Weaknesses: This deck struggles the most against 2 matchups. Leela is really strong against this deck, being able to bounce the ice with advancements, also when the ice is in your hand, you have to pay the full price for installing the ice. It also has a bad matchup against any ice destruction deck, being able to trash big ice with many advancements on it, with things like Hippo. I was still able to beat these types of decks, the matchup is just much harder. The deck also struggles if the Government Takeover is scored early by your opponent because that takes away the main (and best) way to win. The deck also struggles against Stargate because there is no way to bring back any cards from archives. Preemptive Action could be a good include, but all of the slots in the deck are really tight.

How to play against: A strong early game is really important against this deck. Things like Inside Job and early breakers are good. Being able to score an early City Works Project, or trash a Wall to Wall is really important. Once this deck gets set up, it is really hard to lose. My 2 losses with this deck were both from early game pressure and a bad opening hand. Usually, you want to mulligan for ice or Wall To Wall.

Not only is this deck really strong, but it is a lot of fun when you get to shock your opponents when you place tons of advancements on a piece of ice. I have only played 15 games with this deck so far, but like before, it has won 13 out of the 15. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, help is much appreciated.

26 Nov 2020 Diogene

I like the change to put one Dedication in the deck. It will speed up the deck even further!

26 Nov 2020 Krams

I see you moved away from Trick of Light, which eemed a bit odd without Atlas or any FA gameplan.

But wouldn't Biotic Labor as a replacement enable you to FA that sweet sweet 6 agenda points in a single turn?

26 Nov 2020 X4D314

That is actually a really good suggestion. Biotic Labor is a lot of influence, however, and I feel like at least 2 is needed. I will still try it out! Thanks for the suggestion.

26 Nov 2020 Diogene

@KramsBiotic Labor, coupled with Red Planet Couriers, is really sweet. That would be the ideal combo. Getting it the combo in hand would be tricky. How would you go about it?

Perhaps, +2 Biotic, -2 RLC, -2 BLC, +1 Space Camp, +1 Rashida?

It would be worth it to explore!

10 Dec 2020 5N00P1

Isn't it the whole purposes of these SSO Decks? To play Biotic & Red Planet Couriers as most Factions have Zero counterplay when you have reached this boardstate.