Seasonal Climax (Lockdown 10 winner)

Cpt_nice 1271

Ending the season with style

As I was looking for decks to play for Lockdown 10, the final edition of the first season, I came across a card that I reviewed ages ago: Climactic Showdown. Since this was an appropriate card for a season finale, I figured I might as well play anarch again. After considering going back to my lackluster Reina, I remembered seeing Kevintame's list from a bit back, which also stomped me once or twice on Jinteki. So I took that deck as the basis for my list, put it in Eddie Kim instead (due to point cost) and figured I would give it a shot, hoping that the lack of power cards such as Hippo and Stargate wouldn't hold me back too much.

It ended up being a monster. The econ engine of trashing bin breakers for Aesop's Pawnshop and then reinstalling them with Paladin Poemu makes it incredibly hard to tax this runner. Even dreadful ice like Anansi becomes easy to deal with when you can sell/reinstall MKUltra for a net profit and have it be at +2 strength for an entire turn. To further increase the late game inevitability I added 3 Data Folding, to make up for the Rezeki ban. The Turning Wheel (also banned) was definitely missed but Kim's hammering makes single accesses more worthwhile, and The Maker's Eye and the aforementioned Climactic Showdown gave me some multiaccess. I debated for very long whether the Career Fairs should be Deuces Wild instead, but with so many good targets I am happy I chose the forner. I played Demolisher instead of Patchwork because I figured damage deck would be very popular (as they usually are at Lockdowns) and I did not regret my decision. This console is extremely underrated.

The list won 3 out of 4 games in swiss, beating Chronos Protocol, Building of Nations and Hyobou. It lost vs SSO, who was too fast for the engine to set up. In the cut it won twice in very exciting games vs Aginfusion and Blue Sun.

As always, special thanks to Vesper for his tireless efforts into organising these tournaments. And thanks to everyone who joined one of the past 10 events. Very excited for season 2!

15 Nov 2020 Longi

You could call the deck Edward the Untaxable. What a money machine it was. GG and congrats on the 1st place!

15 Nov 2020 Cpt_nice

@Longi Thank you!

15 Nov 2020 theoneakaneo

strong build

but where's the Wanton Destruction? j/k offcourse :)