Nexus of Ressources

Diogene 1052

Update : -1 Trickster Taka, - Fencer Fueno, +2 DreamNet

A while ago, there was an amazing list with mostly ressources (

This deck aim to use the same trick, but with Security Nexus as the star of the show. This will allow the deck to take advantage of the link in the ID.

To get Security Nexus as fast as possible, you got Earthrise Hotel and Street Peddler (that is 27 cards using 6 clicks). There are 2x Nexus in case you trash one with Oracle May. Once you've trash one, you must mill the deck for Security Nexus.

Nexus is such an amazing card. It will let you bypass the first ice for 2 creds (once you have the Archivist installed). It will save you a lot of creds and put a lot of pressure on the corp. Rezzing an ice that does nothing hurt the econ of the corp a lot.

Also, there is a lot of creds in this deck : Daily Cast, Data Folding, Liberated Accound, Rogue Trading and Oracle May. Also you will get help from Paladin Poemu, Fencer Fueno and Trickster Taka.

As usual, Oracle May always aim for "Ressource", letting you get 2 creds and a draw.

Runs should not cost you too much, with Ice Carver and Trickster Taka.

Multiaccess come from Climatic Showdown and Bhagat.

This is a pretty straightforward list. Simple is fun.

15 Nov 2020 Krams

Looks fun :)

Does Climactic Showdown work? I've never encountered it in the wild.

15 Nov 2020 Diogene

@Krams Climatic Showdown is really underrated. It is like a Legwork/Maker's Eye, but it give the choice for the corp to trash an ice in the runner choice of HQ or R&D. So, either the corp make runs easier, or they allow the runner to access 3 cards. Awesome! And Paladin Poemu make it even cheaper to use and install.

Best of all, it is a ressource, so you could draw it with Oracle May and make 2 creds, thus paying for the installation. Win all around.

20 Jan 2021 zmb

How is the draw without Off-Campus Apartment? That was a corner stone of Hammerparty