Crude and Feckless -- Biggest MaxX deck at worlds, top half

SirLoathing 94

For worlds I chose my two decks with the highest winrate from the month beforehand of grinding on jNet casual lobbies. My corp deck can be found here

This deck, when piloted well, crushes midrange, glacier, and damage based jinteki while struggling against horizontal decks.

At one point I tried dedicating 10+ spots to Horizontal decks and found it hurt the other matches too much.

Treat your deck as a big rig deck with infinite ice destruction. Your gameplan is to spend some time setting up your drip and then camping the remote until you can afford to camp R+D. You always want Zer0 or Kati but never want both. In general you leave HQ alone and don't contest horizontal economy; although, well timed imps are exceptions to this especially against corp decks with key operations. Against decks that don't present remotes, look to find 2 drip, an AI breaker, and stargate every turn. Faust is far superior to turtle in this deck because you have near infinite resources to feed it but with Ice Carver and multiple Datasuckers Turtle is often the only breaker you need in matchups that don't pack hate for it.

Run Amok is your only truly excellent non-breaker early access, value them highly and try to hold onto them until the mid game to stop cheeky gearcheck plays when the corp tries to rush a MK2 or other high impact early agenda.

Once you've found your drip and stargate try to avoid Frantic Coding.

Day Job and Deuces Wild are my least favorite includes in the deck. Day Job is awful past the second turn but makes more hands keapable. Deuces make your Street Peddler worse; I'd prefer to spend the influence elsewhere. Tried a number of options and were unhappy with them.

On the day of worlds the deck performed as expected. For the most part it was my corp that earned me my Bio Vault promos and faction dice but MaxX did take down some midrange and dismantle sports metal combo (stargate and imp tend to do that). On the other hand; Asa walked all over her.

A few specific card discussions.

District99: Best card in the deck. Always worth installing early. Try to avoid having to ever use it for econ, you want to use it for Hippo, Cutlery, Chisel/Devil Charm. Sometimes it's correct to destroy a program on an opponents turn for a counter; you can always feed Faust cards at any time.

Devil Charm: Great with chisel but can also provide early access alongside a Turtle or Faust.

Paladin: Most important drip in the deck.

Trickster Taka: Try not to install it until you already have at least 2 drip. He is likely to bite the dust to having too many counters if installed early.

Fencer Fueno: Is mediocre but being a credit positive install alongside Keiko often worth it. Remember that his credits help beat Ashe traces or steal Bellonas.

Keiko/MemStrips: The deck needs MU. MemStrips is an "alternative console." You need a 2MU console. For a long time I ran Maw over MemStrips and you could go back to that. The deck isn't really rich enough to afford a Maw install but you NEED to find MU in the top half of your deck so Strips provides enough spots for Chisels, turtles, imps, etcetera without blocking Keiko. It is often correct to feed MemStrips to Moshing or Faust. If you decide to mess around with this slot; I am quite convinced 1 MU consoles are just not an option but you could certainly fit Maw, Knobkerie or even spend influence on Memchips.

Faust: This is the best Faust deck I've played in standard. You have nearly infinite resources to feed it and can really keep it sated with Earthrise/Zer0 on top of MaxX. It is almost always correct to install it over Rezeki or other options from Coding etcetera.

Moshing: Just feed cards to it, don't overthink it. Early and midgame just burn things that aren't drip to Moshing. If you have a card in hand you're hesitant to feed to Moshing but can't use this turn, you probably don't need that card.

If there are any questions let me know. Had a blast working on the deck and piloting it at worlds. Thanks NISEI for putting on such a great event, can't wait for next year.

20 Oct 2020 Cliquil

Congrats on doing well with Big Maxx - it takes a lot of adaptation on the fly for sure.

21 Oct 2020 Saan

This deck has, like, no feck.

21 Oct 2020 valerian32

Cool deck! = D

21 Oct 2020 SirLoathing

Now, listen, @Saan, listen // On the way to the nineteenth round // We hear them sayin'

How'd run facechecks rude and reckless // Not respecting Anansi, crude and feckless // She's been drinking ice for breakfast // Big MaxX can't fail