Roughneck Labor

Krams 938

This is probably the richest deck I've ever built and I love it! :D

I won 5 out of 8 matches with this in the JNet casual lobby, which is good for me, since I usually suck at winning.

I almost never advance any ICE, but that's okay. The ICE are pretty much doing what I want them to do without any extra tokens. The exception is when I want to tax inflexible breakers.

Oduduwa does a good job at making the runner not run a server anymore, which is what I intended.

16 Oct 2020 boreira

good news swap biotics with audacity and you have 12 influance free to use

16 Oct 2020 Krams

Hmm, with that inf I could replace Wormhole with DNA Tracker (a huge upgrade!), but other than that, I don't really know, what to use it for.

Plus, Audacity has the disadvantage of trashing all cards in HQ, including other copies of Audacity. In testing, I found myself FA'ing a lot of 4/2s with double Biotic, Audacity can't do that.

20 Oct 2020 Krams

A recent change is
+2 Distract the Masses
−1 Preemptive Action
−1 NGO Front
because I got flooded three games in a row :(