Hotline Maemi - 2nd in Swiss/13th Overall [Worlds 2020]

Ghost Meat 555

Hoshiko has now been objectively proven to be the best Runner ID. Congrats for demonstrating this, @limes! I knew I was onto something. :P

This deck, along with my Titan, took me to 1st in Swiss on day 1A, and 2nd overall in Swiss between the two days. Congrats to @Heinzel for nabbing one more win than me in Swiss and taking top spot.

This was my take on her for Worlds 2020, dropping one game in Swiss to an ETR-heavy Palana deck (two Border Controls on R&D and a Nisei token to combat Stargate), and losing to @leachrode's tempo-rama Asa to knock me out of the cut.

I won New Zealand Nationals with Hoshiko in February this year, so taking Hoshiko to Worlds was a no-brainer, though several MWLs have happened since then. List here:

The general gameplan here is to use Hoshiko's innate econ/draw tempo and Mystic/Paladin to get rich (see gif above), put breakers in the bin quickly with Labor Rights while recurring the big econ cards like Bravado, Deuces Wild, Stimhack, Liberated Account, etc., and hammering R&D with Stargate until you win, trashing all their ice if you can't find agendas (or better, trashing an ice and going back in for agendas on top).

Turntable is great against Nisei and Titan decks, as well as Asa and Sportsmetal, where you can swing a one or two-pointer into nabbing their GFI. This deck is generally rich enough to live without the extra money from Keiko, and the extra MU from it is not necessary in this build. I generally always play two Aumakuas in her, but there's so much purge tech lately with the prevalence of Cyberdex Sandbox glacier decks, that I opted to just cut these and Datasucker and pivot into Turntable, which I think was the right call for this tournament.

Matchups in Swiss were against Replicating Perfection, Palana, Titan, and Asa, and then Asa in the cut.

Thanks to Nisei for running a great event, to the House Hippos Canadian testing group for initiating me during day 1A, and @Xtreme for theorycrafting this deck and testing together online leading up to Worlds.

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14 Oct 2020 BizTheDad

I can't believe I'm seeing an Anarch deck without Hippo.

14 Oct 2020 Ghost Meat

Haha, right?! @BizTheDad I was toying with one copy of Hippo over the Earthrise in the week leading up to Worlds, but just found it wasn't impactful enough. Another way to deal with ice is by getting obscenely rich and drawing a lot of cards, I found. ;)

Looking back at my matchups, I did not need the Citadel at all (was mainly there for anti-Punitive tech), so that and the Earthrise into Hippos maybe wouldn't be a bad call here.