MaxX, Daughter of Mars - Worlds 2020 - 140th place

CowboyTintin 198

After pretty horrendous consistency, lack of 'teeth' and real fighting potential, bizarre economy, and too much of a 'fluffy' feeling in the BLM and Continentals, I decided I would just buckle down and play Hoshiko or Leela. Since I like Anarch, I started working on Hoshiko...

Then a week before Worlds I decided to try and change a few things, and see if I could 'fix' the fluffy feeling in my previous big-MaxX decks... All in all, this worked really well.

Still only straight up won me 1 game (one opponent had to drop, though, and conceded me a second, which was extremely nice of him...), but the quality of the games were hands down the best MaxX games I've had since the rotation of Levy. Most of the games I lost I was at 5 or 6 points, so it definitely has potential.

At the end of the day, I really just wanted to play MaxX, and wanted to be able to say I took her to Worlds. There's not really any guarantee I'll go to another Worlds, unless I can sweet-talk my wife up to it for a whole year... which maybe is possible... or there's another online event... So I was really happy to play this ornery lady, and enjoyed all my games.

My Earth Station deck really carried me as far as I was able to go, honestly, but between the two I very much believe this was the stronger deck. It's just that corps are so much stronger than runners (at least the ones I played against), that even though this one was better, it still wasn't good enough to finish out those last points...

Thanks to everyone for an excellent, super fun day! All my opponents were great... YucaBean, my loss to your Palana is the only one I'm still regretting! 6 points... I was so close!


(fyi - It's called "Daughter of Mars" in reference to MaxX's suspected real name, Martina... Which means "Daughter of Mars"... Although I doubt that's actually her name.)

12 Oct 2020 ValkyriezGaming

Grats @CowboyTintinI know we ID'd in the last round and I won against this Maxx deck in a casual game but it was cool to see Big Maxx do her thing.

12 Oct 2020 CowboyTintin

Thanks @ValkyriezGaming! That game was somewhat how most of my MaxX games went... She worked hard, but just not quite well enough to finish out a win. :) It was fun playing against an RP, though...

And ID-ing strategy worked better than we thought the first day! Apparently it was the top half of the total tournament, not what we were told the first day... So we both landed nicely above the middle mark, without having to finagle them over a half-place!

Thanks for the games!