Swan 437

deep in a secret #testing channel

Back at Nats 2018 I was the only bay area player to join CTZ in playing his completely amazing Custom Biotics deck. So once CTZ_MORPHLING was first unveiled I was in it through all the iterations. It was time to trust the deck, and fall into the loving arms of all the Fast Advance tricks

complete and total trust in the deck

I got two wins

CTZ got two wins

Every debt I owed whatever spirits of shuffling and draws came back telling me it was time to pay up, on both sides of the table narrow margins sank me to the bottom tables. It was amazing when I saw analyzechris get second in swiss because we sat down with 1-3 records in the third round before he rocketed away with wins the rest of the way. It was also much lonelier than a paper event, not getting to chill in a circle chatting with the meta-mates, ruminating about sicc plays and bad beats. But on the other had I did get to cook me some hashbrowns after a particularly quick pair of losses.

I leave you with this, the end of my final corp game, one (mouse) click away from decking out

Start Turn

3 Aug 2020 Thike


3 Aug 2020 analyzechris

Thanks dude. I got the lucky side of the RNG for a lot of my Titan wins by your same logic: Leelas struggling to clip.