Eeveelution (Top Swiss American Continentals)

NetDad 412


My favorite action is ": Make a run.", so I played an identity that rewards me for doing that action a lot. Val can be built in a ton of different directions, and they are all good. Much like an Eevee you might not know what it will become in the end, but know it will turn into something cool.


2 Hippo, 1 Apoc. If things are bad enough to need a third Hippo, I probably should just Apoc instead. It's in here as an emergency button vs things like Double Surveyor Remotes or Asa getting an out of control SFT. Worth noting that I did not Apoc the entire tournament, but the threat was there and respected in the cut. I do not think the GameNET matchup is winnable without Apoc.


Zer0 is obviously the draw engine here, and Moshing is on triple-duty for bouncing me up from low credits, drawing to what I need, and trashing what I don't. Reading what your opponent is doing and playing their board is more important than installing your whole deck. In a pinch Labor Rights can get back an early trashed singleton or just be used to accelerate breakers to the bin. In the cut I got back my Turntable against @stoppableforce's CtM to turn a somewhat tight game into a complete blowout.


3x Regular breakers, 2x killers, and one lone Boomerang to even the match against corps playing the gearcheck game. Boomerang + Hippo is a high-pressure combo that did work early in the tournament against @Sokka234 on an ICE-light version of The Outfit. No Turtle because IP Block is more common than Thimblerig.


Archivist was hard not to cut from the deck, but I heard the night before that CtM had been performing well in testing, so I kept it in just in case. He showed up and did his job against stoppableforce in the cut and pulled his weight by turning the Citadel traces into free tag removal. After a Rebirth into a link runner this can also turn on DreamNet for completely unnecessary overkill.

Good Stuff

Ah, the singletons. What a time. PAD Tap is here because accidents are covered by The Outfit's insurance policy, and it does about the same job. You can even recur them if you don't like playing Netrunner. Citadel is also tech vs The Outfit and various tempo-tag decks. Turning Wheel showed up once and won me the first cut game against @Jose-San on Mirrormorph with a low ice draw. Rezeki is fine early, but don't worry about trashing it or any other card to Apoc if you need to reset. Falsified is fine. Every card is already Rando Deuces with Zer0, but a real one can help out before the hardware is installed. Rebirth is not always Omar here, in the finals against @Eldermason's RP I swapped to Hoshiko for the extra card draw to keep me at a healthy handsize without finding DreamNet. Worth noting that I didn't want to install Zer0 in that game because in testing I've decked out from aggressively facechecking too much damage ice and burning too bright.

As always, thanks to the entire Nisei team, the streamers, the viewers, and all the players for keeping Netrunner alive. This game is great, see y'all at Intercontinentals, and then Worlds. Cheers!

3 Aug 2020 x3r0h0ur

Lots of one ofs? Strong approve.

15 Sep 2020 tzeentchling

What would you replace the PAD Taps with now that they're banned? Was looking at another Falsified, Career Fair, more Deuces Wild, even possibly a 1-of Aesop's Pawnshop? Maybe a Paladin Poemu to stay in faction?