Smittyl's RFG Core Runner


Educational Project Created at 3am While Watching Newborn

Purpose: 1) Find use for rotated/banned/Core 1.0 cards you have 50 copies of. 2) Play all your favorite broken cards and archetypes you miss (hoping both sides broken cards will even out? Still untested) 3) Have a small “core” sized cardpool that makes the experience more manageable for deck building

How to use this: 1) Each faction has 20 cards and 2 rotated IDs along with 20 neutral cards 2) Runner IDs Shaper - Kate and Ayla Anarch - Whizzard and Noise Criminal - Andromeda and Steve 3) Corp IDs HB - ETF and CI Weyland- GRNDL and Skorpios NBN - NEH and The World is Yours (lol) Jinteki- MTI and Potential Unleashed 4) Bring this to your next meetup (or digital meetup) and slam some decks together with friends and play because given thought someone could solve this cardpool.