Apoc Hoshiko (1st out of 32 @ Antwerp SC)

leachrode 674

Very generic Apoc Hoshiko deck. This started life as the NYC SC list then lost a stimhack and the Odore's for a second wanton (for Titan shaped reasons), an MK and the third laundry. Overall this went 2-0 in Fite Club then 6-2 in Antwerp SC, losing only BridgeMan's kill Azmari list twice. Alongside it in Antwerp I ran Motionblur's Frosty Azmari which went 7-0 and is absolutely ridiculous.

Big thanks to ClusterFox for running a sweet SC, everyone for attending and all my opponents for great games and a particular shout out to Bridgeman for 4 extremely tense games in round 3 and in the final, those were some of the most difficult, think-y games of Netrunner I've played in ages and thoroughly enjoyable

17 May 2020 Longi

Congrats on the 1st place. I see you do not play currents. How do you play against Scarcity?

18 May 2020 leachrode

Thanks @Longi. Scarcity can be a bit of a problem, but often I've found that between aggressively flipping the id on alternate turns, all the econ events and the liberateds you can still make enough money to land the first apoc, at which point you're far enough up you can usually either clear the scarcity by finding an agenda then recover with casts or just ride out a second apoc/wanton to the win without moneying back up.

The first game in the final against KillzMari that stuck the very early scarcity was a decent example of one where it was very problematic because it meant I couldn't quite get over the money level where I could land the apoc through news hound + stay safe from HHN but on average I think you gain more leverage in that matchup by having all of those slots for extra econ cards and breakers and against non-kill decks I've generally found that even if you go to 0, once you apoc Azmari glacier once you're a long long way ahead