Drug Queen (future SC Winner)

boreira 532

Drugs give fast set up and solid econ for late game (not sure if that works in real life).

You can pay for Isolation with Drug Dealer or The Class Act in you want play another one. The only movable card is no one home, that could be citadel, third bravado or other tech card. Feel that same econ/draw engine could work in 419 but Leela is way more fun...Try it and hf!

17 May 2020 419

Watching your games on Jinteki and saw this a few days ago - terrific fun! We have a small beginner meta here down in Munich and learn a lot from boreira!

We got a couple of questions re 419 vs Leela if you can help:

Your recent 419 decks were particular with Forger DreamNet was this to get the link up to 2 for 419's 1 link to interact with DreamNet for econ ? (compared to the hardware here with Leela) ? you ended one game with like 49 credits on a Crim deck ! (ok you Diversion of Funds Falsified Credentials and Embezzle on that one but still the drip econ with extra link worked great in parallel as we saw it. Was that your experience too?

How do you find Citadel Sanctuary with 419 compared to No One Home on Leela?

Do you feel The Class Act gives you better card draw and prediction overall vs risk / cost compared to Prognostic Q-Loop or Paragon ? risk that it is a resource vs hardware (could be corp trashed easier?)

thanks again

17 May 2020 boreira

Wow this comment embarrest me a bitt, thanks a lot for all good words!

Well i tried a bit of run based crim both 419 (with aumakua) and Leela (with atman or even stealth breakers). It seems that 419 with DreamNet and extra link feels good. but would be nice to keep Paragon as a run based console as well. So there are some ways to get second link like Hostage for The Archivist, than would be nice to add some other targets for hostage like Hernando Cortez and Kati Jones, another way would be to slot two Sports Hopper. Than 3x Mining Accident is def worth it and 2x Datasucker and Security Testing for maximum value. After some tests it really felt great in some games and really clunky in the others. Thats because this kind of deck is getting huge value from running but realing on it in 100% . But maybe it could work as well with Drug Dealer and Isolation.

Comparing Citadel Sanctuary to No One Home both cards are really good. I like to put Citadel in a place of Hunting Grounds in 419 and aumakua is safe from ip blocks and it clears tag form data ravens as well. No one home is cool for more agressive decks so you can run early. But both cards can combine with the others like Citadel with Rogue Trading and No one home with Isolation in case you wont need it but still you can tax someone with Corporate "Grant" trigger. In thats case I find Roge 419 deck based on annicam better for various matchups than run based (at least at that moment): netrunnerdb.com

But all the corps try to rush out 419 and often they manage to do it so that is why i like to play Leela agaist them. Deck like this one is also solid in various matchups and a lot of fun for sure.

Im a big fun of The Class Act this card in opening hand makes you feel like Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie. It aslo works well with paragon so you dig really deep looking for some card. Prognostic Q-Loop is card that i tried only in Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord but I like your concept of using it in sort of run based deck maybe outside of Geist, Az McCaffrey: Mechanical Prodigy? I think Andrij from "Metropole Grid" you tube channel tested prognostic in the videos while he was explaing new cards from Ashes. Recommend his channel for inspiration and fun :)

Hope we meet soon at some tournament, I often come to play at Berlin meta becasue live in Poznan city in Poland - not far away. Might also come to German Nats and Euro if that would be in Germany as was planned for this year. You can also find me on slack and discord peace!

17 May 2020 419

thank you for the insights! - much deck building food for thought there :)

I also hope we meet soon at probably a EU based event in the future after corona

We also enjoy Andrej on Metropole Grid, sometimes in the chat on Twitch asking newbie questions

Stay safe and thanks again!

18 May 2020 Johnny B. Running

I reconstructed a version of this after a game with Boreira and took it to the Cy-Bern-etics SC (with this corp deck). I ran:

-3 Falsified Credentials, -1 RDI, +1Bravado, +1 Maker's Eye, 1+ Boomerang, +1 Citadel Sanctuary

In 4 rounds of Swiss I lost against 1 Azmari and won against Titan, Blue Sun and another Azmari. Falsifieds are probably better in the deck than the changes above. Missed 1st place in the end due to SOS. Definately give this deck a go! It's great fun and a very strong Leela deck atm.

18 May 2020 boreira

@Johnny B. Runningthanks and congrats on the score, glad the deck got tested at SC already with nice result cheers!

19 May 2020 MELLONE75

hi i am not a good player and a deck builder too so i have some strange questions for u!! 1 corporate grant: i look this card and i think 419 , in leela how it works. it helps agaist scarcity, credit denial ( 419 do it better) something else? . 2 i want to try to run no current! is it possible in this days?? i want to try this list whitout current ( +1 bravado +2 inside job? or leave no trace) 3 drug dealer/ TCA isolation is now my favorite combo !!! have u try in different id??? i like ken and have u try on him? Tu so much to share this list and to read my message!!

19 May 2020 boreira

@MELLONE75Hello man I remmeber your Ken Express deck :) And I have same feelings about Grant - to be honest it is here just to make you have fair chances agaist Scarcity.. (that boring Azmari matchup) Im a big fun of getting rid of both of them from stnadard - hope very soon. Grant takes precious slots for good crim cards and restricted. I think you can try a deck without Grant, not resource dependent, without casts like this one but with rezeki for late game econ. Than maybe film critic as a restriced would be nice that fits more Ken or even Ian :P. Leela feels good agaist all those shombo advance decks and titan which wrecks 419 easly. But yeah I like your idea of trying Drug Price as Ken :D Will do some tryouts and let you know how is it going on slack or discord peace

19 May 2020 boreira

@MELLONE75 or maybe Labor Rights and Harmony AR Therapy could be a fun choice for Ken deck

19 May 2020 MELLONE75

``@boreira`tu so much for your advices at this moment i want find a runner that i enjoy to play whit! win lose no p but i want to enjoy plaing it . and this deck looks fine. i hope that nisei's new MWL cames out soon to shake the meta. always be runnig like KEN