Double The Wu, Double The Fun

Pinkwarrior 2337

New and Improved currently rocking a 100% win rate, this version use's a stealth rig for the late game rig and has less of a need for Ika thanks to Afterimage since its mostly their for the likes of tour guide. Easy enough to swap around as i realised that Career Fair was fairly useless as id swapped cut alot of the 3 cost resources.

Wu tips: Don't go get 2x Rezeki with SMC's this is a really bad move 9/10 times in a match up. Currently corps generally wanna go quick and you've just spent 8 credits and 2 of your main tools getting 2c a turn, sure it's nice but your gonna take sometime to catch up and you've also just cut your available MU in half, even with Stimhack/Peace in Our Time money that's alot of money that could be better used.

Getting 1 is ok if you feel you have the econ in hand for it or if you draw them, rejig is also a valid use for getting one. try to save the SMC's for pulling more important cards though like Pelangi/Mantle/your main rig.

Codegate's and Barrier's are fairly cheap to get through and other than Jinteki their's very little Sentrys to look out for so pulling both Euler & Gauss to blind run will usually get you in.

Original deck notes:

Inspired by the Giant deck tournament, the deck is surprisingly consistent able to blindly run at ICE by pulling Euler & Gauss from the deck with reckless abandonment.

2x Misdirection for those early game HHN don't worry about losing 1 you have a backup.

Spec Work allows you to "Save" a program you pulled for used for later or just pull something your not going to need for draw and econ Like that last SMC or Misdirection.

Compile for the programs you binned or a tool for blind runs on ICE.

Blackstone backup barrier breaker, honestly it dose alot of work just as a 3ST breaker and Pelangi can make it worth more by filling holes or making the pump more use.

Aniccam best shaper console and helps with damage decks as dose having a 90 card deck.

Deus X for those Jinteki decks can allow you to ignore Parana condenser all game or be used to get through an ICE usually with Pelangi.

2 May 2020 manveruppd

Woo! Deck of the Week! :D

2 May 2020 Pinkwarrior

@manveruppd Yeah life goal achieved :)

3 May 2020 rusefus

I would swap Armitage for In the Groove in a deck like this, I cant imagine a situation where its better than just drawing good cards. If you want long term econ Kati Jones is probably better too, Armitage seems very slow in deck that already got 90 cards in it.

4 May 2020 Pinkwarrior

@rusefus If that's what you want to try then do it most of the decks power comes from throwing Programs at the corp and not having to worry about losing too much along the way. I personally don't see how In the Groove would be better than Armitage Codebusting however. It's worth noting that Armitage Codebusting is actually quicker than Kati Jones as it can be used multiple times in the same turn rather than over the course of many turns it also compares nicely to Liberated Account when Aesop's Pawnshop is down.

I'm not saying the deck can't be improved however adding Kati Jones maybe a good idea but long term econ wise the deck dose have Rezeki's, If you think you can improve the list id say try it this is certainly something i plan to use more of in the future so who knows maybe i'll have some more versions up further down the line as i really love playing this.

Personally if i were going to use In the Groove in a deck id go with 1 cost's and Khusyuk seems like a good fit their.

4 May 2020 Cliquil

@rusefus Hope you don't mind me commenting as well but as someone who has worked with big deck lists often what you really want is cards that work on their own and don't need any other card to ge their maximum "value". Armitage may suffer that that value is a little lower than others but it pays off on its own. The worry I would have with In the Groove is that it can sit in hand waiting for its ideal "window" due to the inherent unreliability of such a large deck.

@Pinkwarriordid you experiment with Flame Out at all? If so what made it not work for you?

4 May 2020 Pinkwarrior

@Cliquilthanks for the extra insight their, No i didn't actually try Flame-out it's not something i have had much success with in the past only really finding it useful with the bin breakers so it never really hit my radar here. I can see how it could be useful early on for Gauss & Euler but i can see it's usefulness fading as you transition to the late game rig (if needed). At least that's my fear any how id rather not get a card like that stuck in my hand later.

As for any changes to the list presented here I have made a few little tweaks that have helped make the deck a little better, firstly i dropped Ika as i find i never use it theirs way too many other better ways to deal with sentries here so that went, I've also dropped Chameleon for the same reason of never been used. I added extra Rejig & Compile Rejig is just a good card in general for the deck, but Compile has proven to be a must have it really helps the decks aggression and having another way to pull a Pelangi is massively useful so this is a definite 3x IMO.

Lastly to all, Thanks for all the deck suggestions even if i don't agree i do love to hear them and talk about other ideas.