Jackpot! - 4th at Cologne SC

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Standard MWL 3.1
Deck valid after Third Rotation
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cableCarnage 562

"This Jackpot! with 16 credits is a problem" - Django84


Pretty standard Adam I took to Cologne Store Champ. A note on the odder card choices:

  • Sneakdoor Beta: fun with Neutralize All Threats.
  • Street Peddler: go through your deck even faster.
  • Buffer Drive: recursion, card attrition tech and neat interaction with Emergent Creativity.
  • Jackpot!: added this card for a laugh. Cologne folks loved it so I kept a copy. Really should've been the third Freedom Through Equality because Azmari.

The deck went 3-3. In swiss it beat an Azmari, a Palana and a Titan and lost to an Azmari. In the cut it lost both games, one to Outfit and one to Azmari.