Free-Net - best Khumalo @ NQ online tournament

mao 614

This is a really funny Khumalo decklist to play. In my opinion it's the best performing Khumalo decklist at the moment.

When I brought it to the tournament I knew it was not a tier 1 deck but I had fun playing it.

Unfortunately in the current meta it can't keep up with fast decks like Asa/Sportsmetal and Titan. Argus is a difficult matchup but not impossible. The deck crashes glacier and horizontal decks though.

29 Mar 2020 Gerrark

Does the Dreamnet pay the returns for its slot? I get that the deck runs a lot, so any way to add value to runs it good, but at just one copy (and no link) it feels like another Moshing or even Stimhack would pay higher dividends.

29 Mar 2020 mao

I find it always useful. The deck needs to draw and DreamNet adds click compression. Running in Khumalo is extremely valuable because you need tokens on your viruses and if, while doing it, you can also draw it's even better.

It's also useful against grinding matchups, like some Jinteki spiky deck.

30 Mar 2020 Yusei

DreamNet is a better John.