MellonExpressS ver2.0


This is my new idea for ken and his big red vespa !!!

Khusyuk can wins game alone, but needs some set up so, i try to setup 1 c soon as possible: bluberry, Mr Dan and SMC are here to find my iceB , and set up 1c installed card.

Each run event are here to trigger the vespa and gain a click!

gingerbread is here to fight !!!!

in AZ this list i think is fine too !!!!

Stay at home safe and play a loot of game on jinteki !!!

TU SO MUCH @Selverin's decks that have inspired my love for criminal!!!

Any ideas you have are great and let me know!!! please

ciao from Italy

27 Mar 2020 Martins_sales

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1 Apr 2020 ShinMuteki

I am wondering why the Tycoon card in your deck ?

1 Apr 2020 MELLONE75

@ShinMuteki it is to fire khusyuk but it is not good